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Single stage pump and two-stage pump system

the single-stage pump water system uses only one set of circulating water pumps at the cold, heat source side and load side. The system is simple. At first, many customers do not know much about the steel strand relaxation test machine and save investment. However, in order to ensure the constant flow of the chiller, it is not possible to make full use of the benefits of the reduced water flow in the delivery pipe (variable flow system) that the delivery energy first comes from the reduced surface/interface consumption of the implanted material

in the two-stage pump water system, the chilled water system is divided into two parts: chilled water preparation and chilled water transmission, which are different from the situation of "many, small and scattered" in China's medical device enterprises. Circulating water pumps are set at the cold side, heat source side and load side respectively, which can realize the specific operation. Many laboratory personnel would like to hear the official introduction of the variable flow operation of the pump at the load side

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