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As the object of "high-risk" food quality and safety monitoring, the planting, production and processing of agricultural products are required to be equipped with the main experimental system of the food production monitoring system to facilitate the self inspection of enterprises or accept the third-party inspection of the market supervision department. Food safety and quality management is also a technical problem. As the only state-level scientific research institution subordinate to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences engaged in the research and development of food based agricultural product processing technology, the Institute of agricultural products processing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attaches particular importance to continuous innovation in the field of technical research, which is the right path to escort food safety

high quality technology exploration and R & D cannot be separated from relatively perfect equipment support. On October 10, according to the latest information on Chinese government procurement, the 2017 instrument and equipment procurement project (Continued) of the Institute of agricultural products processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has been completed by bidding. Finally, China Science Equipment Co., Ltd. and other four instrument manufacturers won the bid with 6.5048 million

according to relevant information, the instruments and equipment purchased this time include laser confocal microscope, micro confocal Raman spectroscopy, interaction analyzer, circular dichroism chromatograph, variable temperature solid rotation meter, myoelectric meter, texture analyzer, mixing experiment instrument and other spectroscopic, chromatographic and food detection instruments. Beijing Xinyang venture technology, Beijing Xinyang venture technology, China science equipment and Beijing Xinyang venture technology won big orders with 1652000, 1999000, 1288000 and 1565000 respectively

the details are as follows:

the quality safety of agricultural products is mainly applicable to the complete grain and block of raw materials, which has a bearing on public health and the development of agricultural industry, and is an important content of agricultural modernization. We will strengthen the construction and operation management of the quality inspection system for agricultural products, steadily promote the integration of inspection and testing resources in the agricultural system, and gradually form a national unified quality and safety inspection and testing system for agricultural products that is interconnected, parallel and shared with food safety inspection and testing. The Institute of agricultural products processing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences seems to be doing well

"focus on basic research and technology, process and product development at the same time". The Institute of agricultural products processing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is committed to solving various problems in the development of agricultural products processing industry, leading the development direction of China's agricultural products processing science and technology, serving the development of agricultural products processing industry, and exercising the responsibility of a large number of national laboratory teams. In the future, the agricultural products processing Institute will continue to make efforts in the field of scientific research to optimize the allocation of advanced instruments to inspect whether the failure is the elimination of equipment and ensure the professionalism, scientificity and accuracy of scientific research

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