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Sinobbd entered Guizhou to help Guizhou's financial industry win-win in the fintech era

on August 8, 2017, the salon series of 017 supply and marketing data sharing Conference on PVDF microspheres prepared by phase separation technology sponsored by Beijing Supply and marketing big data group (hereinafter referred to as sinobbd) - Guizhou financial industry seminar was successfully held in Guiyang. Relevant leaders from the head office of the people's Bank of China, Guiyang big data development management committee, Guiyang National High tech Industrial Development Zone, as well as technical directors of more than 20 financial institutions such as Bank of Guizhou attended the meeting to conduct in-depth discussion on the opportunities and challenges in the context of fintech era in the financial industry. During the event, sinobbd fully shared the practical experience of integrating the new generation data center solutions in the financial industry under the group's strategic planning, and comprehensively introduced a number of industry-leading services such as enterprise data center, financial cloud service, enterprise data center housekeeper service, mutual fund business backup and emergency takeover, core document security control, etc. in combination with the dual state requirements of stable, reliable and flexible financial business, Promote the technological transformation and business innovation of industry users with the power of integration

boost the practice of financial science and technology innovation to enter the first echelon together

with the arrival of the fintech era, the integration of scientific and technological innovation and business has been accelerating, and financial technology has become the source power of future competition in the financial industry. New technologies represented by cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, IOT, biometrics, artificial intelligence and blockchain will certainly promote a new round of change in the global financial community. Therefore, financial institutions not only need to make important adjustments in internal management and business strategies, but also actively absorb and make use of the competitive advantages brought by advanced technology, so as to achieve the goal of continuously optimizing business processes and improving services, and maximize the value of financial technology

as an excellent brand of integrated services, sinobbd aims to operate the largest third-party public data center cluster in China, and provides users in the financial industry with an integrated supporting service system of high quality, high availability, more flexible and agile applications. Including production line system hosting, disaster recovery system hosting, network acceleration services, industry cloud services, private cloud integration, it steward services, big data and data storage services, cross-border international link services and a series of ICT services required by current enterprise customers. At present, sinobbd has completed the layout of data centers in Beijing, Chengde and Guiyang, and has completed the network connection from Beijing to Chengde. At present, the network construction from Guiyang to Beijing is under way. In addition, the group's CDN service already has multiple domestic and foreign nodes, and the integration of CDN features has brought better network experience to customers

Yin Hui, vice president of DC Business Department of Beijing Supply and marketing big data group, said that as a provider of enterprise Internet + services and a bearer of big data, Beijing Supply and marketing big data group has integrated internal and external resources to provide enterprise customers with a one-stop integration solution. Relying on the strong background of building an integrated national big data center and the national team identity, the group identified the big financial sector as a strategic development center at the beginning of its establishment, and made every effort to build Chengde Deming big data Industrial Park, Guiyang Qianming International Information Industrial Park and Beijing Gongming data center. Through the integrated financial cloud service mode, it can not only meet the steady-state needs of financial business that emphasize stability and reliability, but also meet the sensitive needs of rapid iteration and elastic expansion under the innovation mode, and join hands with financial users to enter the first echelon of the fintech era

Yinhui, vice president of DC business division of Beijing Supply and marketing big data group

financial institutions are facing double challenges. The three-tier ecosystem supports the maximization of the value of financial technology

recently, the 13th five year development plan for information technology in China's financial industry issued by the people's Bank of China proposed that financial institutions should continue to improve the construction of information infrastructure to improve security and operational reliability; At the same time, efforts should be made to promote the application of new technologies and promote the innovative development of financial inclusion. The plan indirectly reflects the dual needs of financial enterprises for stability and sensitivity and the challenges of the times

in this regard, Liu Di, general manager of the financial industry department of the group's DC business unit, said: facing the dual challenges of how financial industry technology leads business innovation and how technology ensures business operation in the fintech era, the group has adopted a three-tier financial ecosystem model and successively launched a complete set of solutions, such as supply and marketing financial cloud service base, financial industry professional service products, enterprise level cloud data center infrastructure, and supply and marketing exclusive cloud, It provides one-stop cloud integration services from data center infrastructure, financial technology innovation business solution design to cloud platform deployment, operation and maintenance, and works with users to achieve stability and sensitivity in the financial cloud ecosystem until requirements are met

follow up for 36 months

Liu Di, general manager of the financial industry department of the DC business unit of Beijing Supply and marketing big data group

according to Liu Di, the financial cloud service base of Beijing Supply and marketing big data group provides comprehensive and compliant cloud services, professional consulting services and products for users in the financial industry based on a cluster of high-level third-party public data centers covering the whole country. The supply and marketing financial cloud service base mainly provides four categories of products and services: enterprise data center services, enterprise cloud services, professional consulting services, professional operation and maintenance services and products. It aims to help financial institutions build a safe, stable, flexible and scalable information system infrastructure, it infrastructure and even financial business application system in a good, fast, provincial and strong way from different stages of planning, construction and management

Guizhou's financial industry is growing at a high speed, and Guiyang Qianming International Information Industrial Park will enter the peak.

by the end of the second quarter, the balance of RMB deposits of financial institutions in Guizhou Province had increased by 15.1% year-on-year, and the balance of RMB loans had increased by 17.4% year-on-year. The growth rate of both indicators ranked fourth in China. At present, 22 national banks have set up branches in Guizhou, and Huaxia Bank, Ping An Bank and export import bank have all settled in Guizhou. At the same time, Bank of Guizhou and Bank of Guiyang have also fully completed the setting of county-level points, and the number of village banks has reached 58. Behind these data indicators, they all put forward large-scale and high-quality application requirements for the construction of Guizhou financial industry data center, and also ushered in the high-speed growth period of regional data center industry. One of the leading projects is Guiyang Qianming International Information Industrial Park

as a big data industrial park with the largest scale and the highest degree of information integration in Southwest China, Qianming International Information Industrial Park, relying on Guiyang's leading big data resource advantages, provides reliable integrated services for users in the financial industry through sinobbd's innovative data center + model

Cuijiandong, general manager of operation and maintenance department of DC business unit of the group, said: Guiyang is the southwest starting point of the national the Belt and Road strategy and the big data capital of China, which provides a rare historical opportunity and an excellent growth ecosystem for the development of the industrial park. The group has fully implemented the 13th five year plan and the requirements of building a national integrated data center. It has established a large-scale and highly available Qianming International Information Industrial Park in Guiyang. It has taken advantage of the trend to develop the data center, cloud computing and big data industries in Guiyang, occupying the advantages of time, place and people

cuijiandong, general manager of operation and maintenance department of DC business division of Beijing Supply and marketing big data group, as a demonstration project of green economy and four industries in Guizhou Province in 2017, Qianming International Information Industrial Park can accommodate 50000 cabinets, with a single cabinet power supply density of 5kW and a pue lower than 1.4. It also has a t3+ level data center machine room energy and security assurance system, and the reliability of data center infrastructure reaches 99.99%. At the same time, the group can provide comprehensive exclusive areas, network protection, full life cycle butler services, professional ITIL standardized operation and maintenance system and more financial exclusive services for financial user business operation and disaster recovery construction. Qianming International Information Industrial Park can be used as the production center or local disaster recovery center of local financial institutions, which meets the strict requirements of regulators. Its construction standard and grade are much higher than many data rooms set up in office buildings and office buildings. At the same time, the modular design structure can meet the requirements for sensitive operation and maintenance and elastic expansion of a large number of financial interconnection businesses in all branches at present

in this salon, many financial institutions fully recognized the enterprise data center housekeeper service launched by sinobbd. It is reported that the 360 ° round the clock butler service covers data center infrastructure, it infrastructure, application system and data management services. Based on clear and measurable sow and SLA, the group has met the KPI requirements of data center operation safety, cost and efficiency, service satisfaction and other indicators in the whole life cycle of service preparation, service establishment, continuous guarantee, change and exit, so as to provide customers with worry free service throughout the process Reliable and efficient data center operation and maintenance guarantee

in a more in-depth technical discussion, Wang Liang, senior product manager of DC Business Department of the group, gave a comprehensive introduction to the cutting-edge technologies concerned by financial users, such as mutual fund business backup and emergency takeover + aluminum profile core document security control. He said that the group takes the hosted data center protection scheme as the core, based on the characteristics of each stage of the full life cycle of user data, and with reliable EDC hosting services, supports the demand for computing, storage and network, and effectively ensures business continuity; Provide users with a safe and worry-free data production environment with butler operation and maintenance services; Provide expert level consulting services to help users make reasonable planning and compliance construction; In addition, the group provides users with value-added services including backup, content management and archiving, so as to meet users' needs for data protection, use and preservation

Wang Liang, senior product manager of DC division of Beijing Supply and marketing big data group, as an explorer and practitioner of big data application, the successful holding of the Guizhou financial industry seminar has built a win-win dialogue platform for sinobbd and Guizhou financial institutions. In the future, the group will help financial institutions achieve a more superior customer acquisition model, a lower cost and more efficient business process, a more creative big data analysis ability, and a fuller regulatory communication and risk control, and help with business and technology transformation in the financial technology era

relevant leaders of Guizhou financial industry visited Qianming International Information Industrial Park

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