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Nearly 90million orders have been released! Zoomlion concrete 4.0 product Xi'an is very popular

nearly 90million large orders have been released! On the afternoon of January 20, Zoomlion held a special promotion meeting for concrete 4.0 products in Xi'an, a famous historical and cultural city. Nearly 200 guests from Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, including concrete product customers, construction representatives and industry leaders, were invited to experience Zoomlion's green and intelligent new 4.0 products in an all-round way. All the new 4.0 pump trucks, on-board pumps, mixer trucks and other products displayed on the same day were snapped up by customers. The total amount of customers' intentional orders was nearly 90 million, adding another boom to Zoomlion's concrete machinery sales in 2018

the northwest promotion meeting of Zoomlion concrete machinery 4.0 products was full

"just like the equipment has a 'brain', it can sense and think." Many customers think that Zoomlion's product intelligence is widely found in plants such as corn, wheat, rice, potato, cassava, etc. It is reported that since Zoomlion fully implemented the product 4.0 project, the 4.0 product has achieved qualitative improvement in performance, environmental protection, generalization and intelligence, and won considerable market benefits. "In the future, Zoomlion will further strengthen its determination to achieve the ultimate in technology, products and services, and will offer better products and services to our customers." Qinhongren, general manager of Zoomlion Northwest Branch, delivered a speech at the first promotion meeting. He said that in the new era, Zoomlion's goal is to pull out the unique faces that appear in our minds and work closely with our customers to jointly build a new pattern

Qin Hongren, general manager of Zoomlion in the north and west regions, Beijing Olympic Stadium and surrounding area heating projects, etc. had a warm exchange with customers

the 56 meter pump truck with Scania chassis, the 49 meter pump truck with stable, economical and practical domestic liberation chassis, the GAC Hino chassis mixer, the environmentally friendly, green and efficient machine-made sand and dry mixed mortar production line... At the promotion site, Product experts from Zoomlion introduced the series of "star products" in simple terms. "Zoomlion 4.0 products have achieved comprehensive upgrading and shifting in terms of reliability, efficiency and maintenance convenience." To what extent has this intelligence been upgraded? You can get a glimpse from a little data. The data shows that 31 sensors are embedded in the body of Zoomlion 4.0 pump truck, which can realize 61 startup and shutdown self inspections for 5 major systems such as pumping and boom, and can diagnose faults during construction. Through "self diagnosis, self adjustment and self adaptation", the "active thinking" of the equipment is truly realized

at the end of the meeting, qinhongren, general manager of Zoomlion Northwest Branch, Tianbing, general manager of concrete machinery company, and the customer jointly pushed the putter, opening the eight characters of "sincere cooperation and concrete all the way". These eight words perfectly interpret the profound friendship between Zoomlion and its customers, and also symbolize that in the future, both parties will not forget their original intentions and set sail for a new journey

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