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The world's largest single coal chemical project is expected to be approved.

Shenhua coal conversion project, the world's largest single coal chemical project that has attracted much attention from China's plastic extruder market, is expected to be approved

On February 9, zuochangqi, deputy director of Yulin development and Reform Commission, said: "the data of Shenhua coal conversion project has been submitted to relevant national ministries and commissions for approval. Once approved, we will spare no effort to promote the project construction."

according to official data, this Shenhua Dow circular economy coal comprehensive utilization project with a total expected investment of 121.6 billion yuan has been demonstrated since 2005. Since the withdrawal of the project partner Dow Chemical China Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dow Chemical) was announced in June, 2014, there have been endless reports about the "premature death" of the project. Now, the project is expected to be approved by the state

in recent years, Yulin, known as "China Kuwait", is actively promoting coal chemical projects. In 2014, many coal chemical projects with a total investment of 400billion yuan started in succession. Behind this, Yulin strives to get rid of its dependence on coal resources and transform to a non energy economy. If the Shenhua 100 billion coal conversion project is finally completed, the transformation of coal city economy is expected to accelerate

According to local media reports in Shaanxi, lichunlin, member of the Standing Committee of Yulin Municipal Committee and vice mayor of Yulin, revealed that Shenhua circular economy coal comprehensive utilization project, the world's largest single coal chemical project, is expected to be approved by the state in the near future

the above information has also been officially confirmed by Yulin Municipal government. Zuochangqi said in an interview, "all the qualification documents required for the project have been submitted to the state, so we will study them later."

Shenhua circular economy coal comprehensive utilization project has gone through a long process of 11 years since its initial demonstration

according to official data, the project was demonstrated in 2005. The initial contractors were China Shenhua coal to liquid chemical company (hereinafter referred to as Shenhua coal to liquid company) and Dow Chemical under Shenhua Group, with an expected total investment of 121.6 billion yuan

according to the information of the official of the Ministry of environmental protection on May 13, 2014, the environmental impact assessment procedures of the project have been officially approved. Previously, Yulin city had a negative 2 In an interview, the relevant person responsible for the project said, "Shenhua and Dow have submitted supplementary materials to the national development and Reform Commission for the project approval procedures. If they can be approved within this year (2014), the full construction will be completed in a short time."

the EIA report of the above project shows that the project consists of two parts: the core chemical industry zone and Dabaodang coal mine. The core chemical industry park is located in the north of Qingshui Industrial Park, and Dabaodang coal mine is located in the phase I planning area of Yushen mining area of Shendong base

"the Management Committee of Yushen Industrial Park is mainly responsible for the project. At present, we have the construction conditions to carry the project". Guopeicai, director of Yulin Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said in an interview with the daily economy, "the project implements the approval system, and the relevant conditions for planning, land, forestry, cultural relics, water conservancy and so on have been met."

local officials confirmed Dow's withdrawal

in fact, since it was reported that Dow had withdrawn from Shenhua coal conversion project in may2014, the news about Shenhua's withdrawal from the project has been heard all the time

as the largest single coal chemical project in the world, Shenhua coal conversion project has attracted the attention of the industry. Once the news of the "premature death" of the project was spread, it caused a sensation, and Shenhua immediately made a clarification response

according to the announcement issued by the official website of Shenhua Group, "recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the approval of the environmental impact report of the project, and the approval is imminent. It marks that the preliminary work of the project has made significant progress, and the preconditions for applying for report approval are basically met."

as for the news of Dow Chemical's withdrawal, guopeicai responded in an interview: "at present, the United States (Dow Chemical) has withdrawn, and the project will be dominated by Shenhua and fully promoted according to the original plan."

although local officials are quite confident that the project will be approved. However, the current coal chemical industry has long been "different from the past"

"many previous coal chemical projects were based on the status quo of long-term high oil prices. At present, under the current situation of declining oil prices, all coal chemical projects need to be re evaluated. When they will be put into operation is completely unknown." Zhangyeqing believes that capital, market and environmental protection are all important factors restricting the development of Shenhua project

"especially for the capital problem, the enterprise will not judge whether to run the project until it evaluates the future profitability of the project." Zhangyeqing said that the approval does not mean that the project will start immediately. "Even if the project is approved smoothly, there is still a distance from the commencement of construction."

"China Kuwait" how to transform

Shenhua 100 billion coal chemical project has lasted 11 years since its demonstration, which can not be separated from the vigorous promotion of Yulin Municipal government. As an important part of the only national energy and chemical industry base in China, Yulin began to gradually change the economic model of "selling raw coal" as early as a few years ago, and extended the industrial chain of tableware samples made of nano cellulose PLA (polylactic acid) composite injection molding by the Japanese Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd., taking the deep transformation of coal as the development direction. Shaanxi Province also vigorously promoted the construction of energy and chemical industry base in Northern Shaanxi at the same time

On February 7, Luzhiyuan, the mayor of Yulin, said at the sixth session of the third people's Congress of Yulin, "we must bear the pressure of structural adjustment faced by resource dependence and investment driven extensive development." In its view, in the long run, the fundamentals of Yulin's steady economic development have not changed, and the positioning of the national energy and chemical industry base has not changed. According to the government work report of Yulin in 2015, more than 10 billion yuan of deep resource transformation projects have been completed and put into operation, which will strongly support Yulin's annual economic growth

in July, 2014, China Coal Group completed and put into operation the coal to olefin project in Yulin Yuheng Industrial Park. The project invested 24billion yuan, producing more than 1500 tons of olefins with more than 10000 tons of coal every day, and the output value for half a year reached more than 3 billion yuan

in addition, Yanchang Petroleum Group invested more than 27 billion yuan to build a coal to olefin production line in Jingbian County, Yulin City, which does not produce coal. A person familiar with the project said: "the project will be officially put into operation in about 2015. After it is put into operation, it will achieve an annual output value of 17billion yuan." According to the official publicity materials of Yulin City, the project is the largest one-time investment energy and chemical project in Shaanxi Province

according to the statistical data of Yulin City, coal chemical projects with a cumulative investment value of 400billion yuan in Yulin have been put into operation since 2014

Luzhiyuan previously said in an interview that there are 7 projects under construction and completed in Yulin with a total investment of more than RMB 300 billion. In addition, the total investment of Yulin coal chemical project invested by private capital is more than 100 billion yuan

not only the construction and production links, Yulin also leads the world in many coal chemical technologies. According to public reports, the "Yulin version of coal to liquid", which had attracted much attention before, made an important technological breakthrough in 2014. The technology uses coal tar and raw gas as raw materials to produce clean oil and a variety of by-products that can completely replace petrochemical diesel and naphtha

in addition, a relevant person from Yulin refinery under Yanchang, Shaanxi, said that on January 31, 2015, the process of the world's first 450000 T/a kerosene co refining experimental demonstration project prepared by Yanchang Petroleum Group was fully completed, the unit was successfully commissioned at one time, and qualified products were produced. The project adopts oil coal co refining, and the products can reach the European V standard

at the recent Western China business fair, Yulin City has been promoting the non coal industry. However, from the perspective of output value and pointing out that the material type, customers and geographical location of color changing coating will make a breakthrough in the next 8 years, the pillar role of energy economy in Yulin's economy will still remain unchanged

it is worth noting that in 2014, when there was great downward pressure on the economy, Yulin's GDP exceeded 300billion yuan for the first time. According to the work report of Yulin Municipal Government in 2015, "resource deep transformation project" has become an important growth point of industrial added value in terms of the industry with the largest proportion of Yulin's economy

Luzhiyuan said in the work report of Yulin Municipal Government in 2015 that four key projects exceeding 10 billion yuan, such as Jingbian energy and Chemical Park Phase I, Zhongmei Yuheng coal to olefin, and a number of resource deep conversion projects, such as Yanchang kerosene co refining, were completed and put into operation, adding 17.6 billion yuan of industrial added value, which strongly supported the economic growth of (Yulin) throughout the year

Luzhiyuan previously introduced that if Yulin coal conversion project is completed, it will be the stamina for Yulin's economic growth. Once the project is put into operation, Yulin will not only be a pole of Shaanxi's economic growth, but also an important growth point of the western economy

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