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The Sino German soft plastic new material project settled in Changzhou

Changzhou Zhongheng New Material Co., Ltd. signed a contract with German Bruckner company a few days ago. The two sides will cooperate to build a 60000 ton/year soft plastic new material project with a total investment of 100million US dollars in Changzhou bell tower Economic Development Zone

it is reported that the project will introduce the most advanced production line of new soft plastic materials from Germany. The products have the characteristics of high strength, good stiffness, high transparency, good barrier, wide temperature range, excellent electrical insulation performance, non-toxic and environmental protection, and are widely used in food, medicine, insulation, magnetic recording, film and other fields

this project is the first phase development project of Shenda Industrial Park in bell tower Economic Development Zone. It covers an area of 200000 square meters and will be officially put into operation in December 2005. At that time, it will achieve an annual sales revenue of 1.2 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 250million yuan

Shenda group, the investor of Shenda Industrial Park, is a leading enterprise in the national packaging industry, with total assets of 3.5 billion yuan. It has production bases in Nanjing, Jiangyin, Chengdu and other places. The second phase of Shenda Industrial Park mainly develops nylon or polyester related new materials and packaging products. After being put into operation in large quantities, it can produce all kinds of soft plastic new materials and medical packaging materials annually. (5) start the experimental program of 150000 tons, and realize the annual sales revenue of 3billion yuan

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