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Sino Russian forestry cooperation is expected to deepen. The "Industrial Park + forest industry enterprise" model will be promoted. On June 14, 2018, entrusted by Shi Feng, Secretary General of the forest products industry association, Su Ming, chairman of the Sino Russian wood industry alliance, was invited to meet with a delegation headed by chekin, chairman of the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakut), and explore the possibility of implementing cooperation in forestry investment projects

zhuyuanhong, Deputy Secretary General of China Forest Products Industry Association, chengshouheng and xuweitao, Deputy Secretary General of China Russia wood industry alliance, zhangfangwen, director of wood business of Beixin building materials group, Cherkin, chief executive of the Republic of Sakha (Yakut), Maksim, Minister of industry, Alexei, assistant chief executive, Stepan, plenipotentiary representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakut) in China of the Russian Federation's commercial representative office in China, and innosen, deputy representatives Vigdor, representative of the Far East investment and Trade Development Agency of the Russian Federation in China, attended the meeting

Su Ming said that the delegation's visit to China will provide new important opportunities for further deepening forestry exchanges and practical cooperation between China and Russia. Russian sendang mentioned that the forest is rich in resources and is one of the world's largest timber exporters; As the world's largest timber consumer, China has the world's largest timber consumption market, and the two sides are highly complementary in forestry cooperation

Cherkin said that the Republic of Sakha is rich in forest resources, with a forest coverage rate of 72% and a timber reserve of 30.6 million m3, of which 50% are birches. It is hoped that Chinese forestry enterprises will carry out more timber trade and economic exchanges with the Republic of Sakha. Many regions of the Republic have well-equipped transportation and infrastructure. Chinese forestry enterprises can choose to cooperate with local wood deep-processing enterprises or participate in the development of local wood processing parks

as a window unit for Sino Russian forestry cooperation and exchange, the Sino Russian wood industry alliance is actively preparing to build a forestry cooperation platform, using the "Sino Russian local cooperation and exchange year" to promote the implementation in the mode of "industrial parks + forest industry enterprises", exploring and jointly promoting the start-up and development of overseas cooperation projects, and looking for high-quality overseas forestry investment projects for Chinese enterprises. At the same time, the alliance pays more attention to the policies, regulatory support and tax incentives provided by the functional departments of Russian local governments for Chinese enterprises to invest in Russia and build industrial parks

it is committed to improving people's 2) living standards without chemical reaction after products are mixed with other processing aids

in order to maintain the long-term stability of bilateral cooperation and facilitate further communication and exchange, the two sides have established a liaison cooperation mechanism and expressed their willingness to continue to expand the scale of bilateral cooperation and improve the level of cooperation

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