The hottest Sino German PVC joint venture settled

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The Sino German joint venture PVC enterprise aims to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development in Changzhi

the Sino German joint venture PVC enterprise settled in Changzhi

August 29, 2002

recently, the main utilization fields of Building Plastics in cooperation with Germany are PVC, plastic pipes, plastic floors, etc. of Shanxi Phoenix tape Co., Ltd PVG and multi-layer conveyor belt projects have been widely developed and utilized at home and abroad in Changzhi

"German Industrial Park". After the project is put into operation, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be 220million yuan and the profit and tax will be 40million yuan. In order to get financial support from the German Federal Ministry of education and research to encourage Sino German joint venture projects, Changzhi city also provided 300000 yuan of government incentives for each project

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