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The Sino US trade war is expanding! China's list of levies on imports of liquefied natural gas from the United States issued on: Source: Chinese paper views: 2786 copyright and disclaimer core tip: China's Ministry of Commerce said on August 8 that it would impose a 25% import tariff on US $16billion worth of US goods from August 23 in response to the corresponding us measures. To the surprise of observers, liquefied natural gas, wood pulp, base paper and paper products are also added to the tax list

[China Packaging News] China's Ministry of Commerce said on August 8 that it would impose a 25% import tariff on US $16billion worth of US goods from August 23 in response to the corresponding US measures. To the surprise of observers, the prosperity of new energy vehicles added to the tax list has risen, and the lithium battery materials in short supply also include liquefied natural gas, wood pulp, base paper and paper products

China will impose a 25% tariff on us waste from August 23, excluding wood pulp, base paper and paper products

in this batch of list, solid waste has become a large category of products, and waste paper is unfortunately also listed. Waste paper products including codes,, and are included in the list

the Ministry of Commerce said that the US decided to impose a 25% tariff on US $16billion of Chinese products exported to the us from August 23, and once again put the domestic law above the international law, which is very unreasonable. In order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests and the multilateral trading system, China had to make necessary counter-measures and decided to impose a 25% tariff on US $16billion of imports from the United States and implement it simultaneously with the United States

at present, China's main imported American wastes include No. 9, No. 12 and No. 37, and the quotation is mostly more than $300/ton. However, due to various policies, the trading volume has shrunk significantly year-on-year, and the paper mills are increasingly inclined to use daily wastes and European wastes. Now, if the 25% tariff is added, American waste has no advantage in terms of the ease of import process or cost performance

however, because the fiber quality of American waste is better than that of Japanese waste and European waste, it is a necessity for the production of high-grade box board paper. Once the price of American waste rises, the paper mills will have to continue to turn to Japanese waste, European waste, or purchase raw pulp to replace American waste, causing a chain reaction in the industrial chain

what is good for pulp, finished paper and paper products is that in the list of US $60billion tariff increase issued by the Ministry of Finance on August 3, it includes wood pulp, wood chips, various base paper and paper products, but these products did not appear in the list of the first batch of tax increases at the end of August. This short gap will accelerate the procurement of these products by domestic enterprises

according to the Russian satellite news agency on August 9, in July this year, the United States imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese goods worth $34billion, and China immediately made a reciprocal response. After public discussion on specific taxable goods, the US government also promised to impose additional taxes on Chinese goods worth US $16billion. The U.S. Trade Representative Office released the final list, including 279 commodities, mainly high-tech products such as chips and semiconductors. In this way, the total value of Chinese goods subject to tariff increases will reach 50billion US dollars

it is reported that the new tariff measures will take effect on August 23. China has promised to introduce reciprocal response measures on the same day and will levy taxes on 333 US goods, including trucks, engines and even condoms. Most importantly, American liquefied natural gas is also included in the list, and wood pulp, base paper and paper products are not included for the time being

it is reported that last year, China was the world's second largest importer of liquefied natural gas, with a total purchase of 38million tons of liquefied natural gas. At the same time, more than 15% of us LNG exports are sold to China. According to the prediction of the International Energy Agency, China will become the world's largest importer of liquefied natural gas this year

however, a trade war broke out. Although the trade war is provoked by the United States, it will first affect the United States' plan to become an energy superpower. Meixinyu, a researcher at the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce of China, said in an interview with the Russian satellite news agency that China's status as the largest trading country may not be affected

Mei Xinyu said: "First, China's export share in the world market is nearly half higher than that of the United States, which ranks second. The gap between the two is very large. China's status as the world's largest trading country cannot be shaken by a trade war. Second, even if the trump administration imposes additional tariffs on all Chinese goods exported to the United States, it is impossible to completely drive made in China out of the U.S. market. Moreover, from the actual operation, in July The United States has already imposed a 25% tariff on China's $34billion worth of goods, but in July, China's exports to the United States still increased by 12.2%, and from January to July, China's exports to the United States still increased by 13.3%. It should be said that from these data, the effect of the United States' attempt to suppress China's export trade is not obvious. I believe that the impact and impact of this trade war or tariff war on China will peak at the early stage of the war, and the impact on the United States will become more and more serious over time. "

it is reported that China's plans for natural gasification and transition to clean energy will not change due to the US LNG tax, but this market will be occupied by products from other countries. Fortunately, the market is very competitive. In July this year, Russia's "vladimirussanov" and "edwardthor" arc7 Ice Class LNG tankers delivered the first batch of natural gas to China under the framework of the "Yamal LNG" project in accordance with the long-term contract with China. This is the first time that the two oil tankers independently crossed the eastern route of the North sea route in 9 days

satellite news agency reported that the Chinese government is actively discussing with Moscow the possibility of increasing natural gas supply. The plan to build the second branch of "Siberian power" gas transmission pipeline from the East Siberian gas field is under study, and there is also a plan to build "Altai" gas transmission pipeline from the West Siberian gas field. In addition, Gazprom proposed to lay a gas pipeline to transport natural gas from Sakhalin Island to China in February this year

according to Xinhua News Agency on August 9, the China Russia Yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) project located in the Arctic circle completed the first shipment of liquefied natural gas from the second production line at sabetta port, Yamal Nenets autonomous region, Russia, on August 9, with a shipment volume of 170000 cubic meters

Yamal project is the largest Arctic LNG project in the world, and it is also the first super large energy cooperation project implemented in Russia after the "the Belt and Road" initiative. The project is jointly developed by novatech of Russia, PetroChina, total of France and China Silk Road Fund

when attending the celebration ceremony on the same day, Michelson, chairman of novatech, said that the first production line of Yamal project had been put into operation in December 2017, and the construction of the second production line was completed by a professional team, which is of great significance to the world energy field

According to Kete, general manager of Yamal project, the second production line is operating as planned, and its LNG output has exceeded 250000 tons. The third production line is currently under construction and is expected to be put into operation at the end of this year. At the same time, the project has launched the relevant construction plan of the fourth production line

the first ship of liquefied natural gas supplied by Yamal project to China arrived at Jiangsu Rudong terminal under PetroChina on July 19 through the Arctic northeast channel, opening a new chapter in the supply of liquefied natural gas by Yamal project to China

according to the agreement, after the second and third production lines of Yamal project are put into operation, PetroChina will import 3million tons of liquefied natural gas of Yamal project every year from 2019

the shareholders of Yamal LNG Company in charge of Yamal LNG project are novatech, PetroChina, total group and China Silk Road Fund, holding 50.1%, 20%, 20% and 9.9% respectively, with a total investment of about US $27billion

data picture: the ship carrying two large LNG modules of Yamal LNG project leaves the wharf. (Xinhua News Agency)

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