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Nowadays, when people choose houses, in addition to the previous consideration of location, environment, house type and other factors, they also face an important choice, that is, the choice between rough houses and fully decorated houses. However, at present, there are different opinions on the evaluation of rough houses and fully decorated houses in the market, and each has its own reason. So how to choose is the most important

◆ fully decorated houses: experience sitting on the cake

quality assurance: when selling fully decorated houses, the development enterprise should sign a contract with the decoration enterprise, and the decoration enterprise is responsible for the decoration quality of the development enterprise; The buyer signs a contract with the development enterprise, and the development enterprise is responsible for the decoration quality of the buyer. In this way, the responsibilities and rights are clear. Once there are decoration quality problems, no one can shirk the responsibility

avoid interference: when purchasing blank houses, the owners usually decorate them separately. Due to the different occupancy time and decoration time of the owners, the noise and dust generated during decoration will inevitably affect the adjacent owners. According to statistics, it usually takes two years for a community to complete the decoration from the delivery of the house to the last customer. The long-term construction noise interference has brought many troubles to the owners. The treatment of construction waste and the mobilization and transportation of decoration materials also bring pollution and damage to elevators and public areas. The fully decorated house can avoid these unnecessary interference

easy check-in: most fully decorated rooms have complete kitchen, bathroom and even floor, air conditioning and other facilities. Owners only need to bring their own furniture and luggage to move into their new home. Moreover, some fully decorated houses also involve the warranty of decoration building materials after delivery. Developers with good reputation can provide reliable after-sales services

◆ rough housing: I decide my site

price characteristics: generally, the total price of rough housing is relatively low compared with fully decorated housing. Therefore, a considerable part of the buyers of rough houses are working-class people. Due to the limitation of their economic strength, they are likely to have the decoration standard of fully decorated houses higher than their planned decoration standard, which virtually increases their economic burden. When choosing rough houses, they can determine the decoration standard according to their actual economic situation

personality differences: with the improvement of people's living standards, people obviously can't meet the original requirements of home ownership. Personalized and differentiated products are more and more popular with consumers. Therefore, in addition to the relatively low price characteristics, blank houses can also meet people's personalized needs. Property buyers can design their own private space according to their preferences, needs and ideals of home, and at the same time, they can avoid the waste caused by secondary decoration

the cost is clear: because the blank house needs to do it by itself in the whole decoration process, such as choosing a decoration company, hiring decoration personnel, purchasing decoration materials, etc., each expense is very clear

◆ special point of view: the promotion of fully decorated houses requires a change in the thinking of developers and property buyers

count carefully, we have all the conditions required for full decoration, clear policy guidance, industrialization of design and production, and today's real estate development also increasingly emphasizes humanistic care and humanistic spirit. Building the most humanized housing is an irreversible trend in the real estate industry at present. The only thing lacking is the ideological change of developers and home buyers

from the current situation of the real estate market, we can see that many developers are unwilling to build fully decorated houses. According to some developers, there are three main reasons affecting the development of fully decorated houses: first, small profits and high costs. The decoration cost accounts for a small proportion in the total sales price or civil engineering cost, but the decoration link is complex, and the operation difficulty and management cost will multiply; Second, personalized decoration is difficult to operate. Unified decoration can not meet the personalized requirements, it is better to deliver the house as a blank; Menu decoration owners will change the east to the west through various channels to meet their own intentions. A large number of modifications are very easy to cause the construction period to get out of control; Third, the real finished houses should be designed, built and decorated in an integrated way. However, the disjointed phenomenon of design, construction and decoration, even if the residence has been fully decorated, may still cause dissatisfaction of the owner due to the defects of the house type, tearing down the east wall and making up the west wall, which virtually increases the cost and difficulty of the developer

full decoration is determined by the requirements of the modernization of the housing industry and is the common choice of mature developers and mature customers. In China, it will be a new investment hotspot with broad market development prospects. Relevant experts believe that from the perspective of the development of the real estate market, fully decorated houses must be a major trend. From the current real estate market, only those enterprises with brands and strength can have the courage to try the fully decorated houses, realize the integration of architectural design and decoration design, civil construction and decoration construction, and supervision and management, and accumulate some experience for the development of fully decorated houses. The maturity of the fully decorated housing market depends not only on the maturity of consumers themselves and the establishment of relevant rights and interests protection mechanisms, but also on the promotion of developers, especially the awareness of big brand developers. We will wait patiently for this





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