Guangzhou 35 yuan low rent Housing hot discussion

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So far, the largest affordable housing project in Guangzhou has begun. The smallest house type is only 35 square meters, and it can be rented at only 35 yuan per month. This is undoubtedly good news for the vast number of young people working outside. In this issue, we will introduce you several methods of reasonable storage and layout, adjust and match the limited space, and even low rent houses can be arranged comfortably

living room: the layout of the living room will intuitively reflect whether the home is neat and orderly, but how can we hide the commonly used miscellaneous items? A suitable home is a necessary good helper. This cabinet is placed between the door and the living room. It is huge in volume and can play a role of isolation, separating the living room that originally looked at Hirakawa from the position of the door, as if it formed a small porch. And the large storage space allows you to conveniently arrange the items you may use, which is really killing two birds with one stone. If the space on the desktop and the ground is too full to start, why not think of a way on the bare wall? With a simple installation, two pieces of wood will turn the smooth wall into a practical three-dimensional storage space. It can not only accommodate many sundries, but also be a beautiful decoration with a little design. Is it so that the sundries in other corners of the living room can be less trembling

bedroom: if you want to make room in the bedroom, the most commonly used means is to use your brain from the storage cabinet and bed. The idea of this design is to make the bedstead high and make full use of the space under the bed for other activities, which effectively saves space, but such a bedroom can't enjoy “ Lean back and lie on the big bed ” Comfortable feeling. But in order to save space, it's still very cost-effective, right? This is another way to expand the space in the bedroom: simply do not reserve the position of the bed, leave this space for other activities, and re lay the bed on the ground at night. The feeling of soft floor is also different. Kitchen and bathroom space: hanging cabinets in the kitchen is also a more practical space expansion method. These positions will not be used at ordinary times, but the cupboard for storing items is just right. The space available at home is everywhere, as long as you pay attention to it. Don't underestimate the small space above the washing machine. You don't have to worry about a simple structural transformation and the placement of daily necessities such as detergent and soap




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