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Is it good to use sliding door for bedroom door? How to choose the sliding door in the bedroom

sliding doors are widely used in bedrooms because of their advantages of convenient opening and closing, but they still have some disadvantages, so people are still very cautious about the use of sliding doors. At the same time, the sliding door itself has many components, which are easy to be damaged after long-term use. It is particularly important to choose a high-quality sliding door. How about sliding door for bedroom door? How to choose the sliding door in the bedroom

is it good to use sliding door for bedroom door

advantages: the bedroom sliding door has many advantages that the traditional door does not have. The bedroom sliding door is not only beautiful, but also saves a lot of space occupied by the traditional door due to the opening method. At the same time, the bedroom sliding door does a good job in mute effect

disadvantages: the sliding door in the bedroom is not very private, and its security performance is not very high. Another point is that it hinders the entry of sunlight

how to choose the sliding door in the bedroom

thickness selection: with the increasing demand for bedroom sliding doors, there are many kinds of sliding doors on the market at present. For the majority of consumers, they can choose suitable sliding doors according to their own needs, so as to meet their own needs. When purchasing sliding doors, you should know the specific thickness. If the door core is made of glass, it is usually about 5mm thick. If the wooden door is used as the door core, the thickness is usually about 10mm. Therefore, when understanding the price of the sliding door in the bedroom, we should master the corresponding thickness

material selection: when choosing the sliding door in the bedroom, you should understand the specific types. With the development of science and technology, there are more products with higher scientific and technological content. Among many products, some families will choose green environmental protection materials, which will not have a certain impact on the physical and mental health of their families. If the formaldehyde content is too high, it will cause certain harm to human health. Therefore, when considering the price of sliding doors in bedrooms, if you choose environmentally friendly materials, the price will naturally be higher

pulley selection: in the sliding door of the bedroom, the pulley is a very important part. At present, the production materials of pulleys in the market are relatively more, including plastic pulleys, metal pulleys, and glass fiber pulleys. The price of bedroom sliding door will naturally vary with different pulleys. Usually, many families will choose to use the pulley made of glass fiber. This kind of pulley has excellent wear resistance in the process of daily use, and there will be no certain noise. At the same time, the box design structure is adopted, so it has better dust prevention effect



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