4 details of integrated ceiling acceptance inspect

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Guide: whether you can rest easy after installing the integrated ceiling? The answer is obviously No. we need to carefully check the installation effect, mainly from the following four details, including: the visual level of angle line installation, the strength of screw rod, the firmness of electrical installation, and the function of electrical appliance

visual level of corner line installation

first of all, we should check whether the visual level of corner line installation of integrated ceiling is good, and ensure that there is no gap at 90 degrees and no obvious distortion. Then observe the overall flatness of the gusset plate and whether the gap between the gussets is good visually

strength of screw rod

next, check the strength of screw rod. We can remove several ceiling gusset plates, check whether the distance between the screw rods meets the installation standard, and then pull the screw rods with appropriate tension by hand to confirm whether they are loose

the number of firmly installed electrical appliances

then check the number of firmly installed electrical appliances. We can try to push the electric appliance body with normal force by hand to see whether the electric appliance will fall off from the triangular keel

electrical function

the last thing to be tested is whether the electrical function works normally. We can turn on the switch and observe whether the appliance works normally; Whether the position of ventilation and heating module is reasonable; When the ventilation or air heating module is opened, whether the sound is normal and there should be no obvious noise





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