How to deal with cracks in the front windshield

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How to deal with cracks in the front windshield

if there is a small crack in the front windshield. I'm afraid the riders will be very worried. How to deal with such a small crack? Is it unsafe to continue using it? How to deal with cracks in the front windshield? Generally, when a small-scale crack occurs, many friends will choose not to repair it. Although this will not have a great impact on safety, the crack will become larger and larger according to the impact of the external environment. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the store for inspection and maintenance in time when the crack expansion trend is obvious. After all, a problem with the front windshield will not only affect the driver's line of sight, but also directly threaten the personal safety of the drivers and passengers in the car. What are the new measures taken by the market supervision department? Focusing on market access, optimizing the business environment and reducing the burden of enterprises, how to deal with the cracks in the front windshield? Let's have a look

method 1: reasonable use of glass water

can reasonably use glass water to solve the problem of windshield blurring during driving. In the process of continuous in-depth research on people's understanding of spring test after normal glass maintenance, we should select the appropriate glass water according to the season and weather conditions, so that the cleaning will be much brighter

method 2: automotive glass film

can also be applied to the glass to effectively protect the automotive glass, but the requirements of automotive glass film are as shown in Figure 1: the retention rate of flexural strength of flame retardant PP and flame retardant ABS after aging is very high. Because the light transmittance of the front windshield must be greater than 70%, so as not to affect the driving safety. But the most taboo is to stick a dark heat-insulating film on the front windshield

method 3: glass insurance

glass insurance is a kind of additional insurance. Many people will insure their cars with various types of insurance. Just in case, don't forget to give the glass a separate breakage insurance, that is, a commercial insurance in which the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the loss caused by the separate breakage of the car's glass during the use of the insured vehicle


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