How to deal with heavy steering of agricultural ve

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How to deal with heavy steering of agricultural vehicles

the judgment and elimination of heavy steering of agricultural vehicles should be carried out in the order of steering gear, linkage mechanism and other parts. The specific methods are as follows:

remove the steering arm and turn the steering wheel. If you feel heavy, it is the tightness of the worm bearing or the meshing between the worm, roller or tooth fan. However, the products on the market are uneven and have improper clearance; If the steering wheel is rotated and the tightness is uneven or stuck, the worm roller or bearing may be damaged, and the steering gear should be removed for inspection; If the steering wheel makes a scraping sound, the steering shaft is generally bent or the sleeve is concave, which should be corrected or replaced; Remove the steering arm. If the steering wheel is flexible and labor-saving, the fault lies in the linkage mechanism. Jack up the front axle, pull the left and right front wheels, check whether the steering knuckle kingpin and bushing, thrust bearing and tie rod ball pin are too tight, and whether the lubrication is good. Highlight the bottleneck of market utilization of new materials, whether the bushing is sintered, and adjust and replace it if necessary. If the above inspection results are good, check whether the front axle and frame are deformed, whether the front wheel alignment is inaccurate, and whether the tire pressure is normal. The deformation of front axle and frame shall be corrected or replaced, and the misalignment of front wheel alignment shall be adjusted

when turning, if the steering is heavy occasionally or intermittently, there is no certain regularity. When the steering was heavy last July, the steering wheel angle also has no fixed position. This may be because the lubricating oil in the steering gear has not been replaced for a long time, and there are hard particles worn from metal parts in the oil, which are clamped between the worm and the roller or tooth fan, occasionally causing heavy steering. Clean the steering gear and replace the lubricating oil to eliminate the fault


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