The price of power coal in Bohai Rim ports tends t

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The price of thermal coal in Bohai Rim ports is stabilizing, and the price of port coal is looking for a breakthrough up and down

in recent days, the price of thermal coal in Bohai Rim ports has become stable. There are different views on whether to stop the decline and rebound or to decline after it is temporarily stable

Ordos coal found that at this stage, the market is intertwined with long and short, the buyer and the seller have a short game, the high-level upward has the high inventory pressure of the power plant and the high field storage pressure of the port, and the downward continues to have the expected recovery of demand and the cost support from the pit to the port

at present, the transfer in volume of Datong Qinhuangdao line has begun to recover, while the transfer out volume of the port has not increased significantly. In addition, frequent shipping closures have increased the Bohai Rim market, but the number of traders willing to ship at a low price has not increased. In recent days, the price of 5500 kcal of thermal coal is RMB/ton, and 5000 kcal of thermal coal is 1. The experimental machine must be kept clean; The price of coal was at yuan/ton, but the decline began to slow down, and the coal price showed signs of stabilizing

Ordos coal also learned that recently, the port has a team to provide services for each kind of experimental machine, so that printing will not jam the printer nozzle. Note that the pricing of large coal enterprises in November will have a significant impact on market sentiment


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