How to deal with full water accident

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How to deal with full water accident

generally, the phenomenon that the water level in the boiler exceeds the maximum allowable water level and the superheated steam temperature drops is called full water phenomenon; The serious phenomenon of full water with water impact in the steam pipe and steam from the flange is called full water accident

1. Symptoms of full water phenomenon:

1.1 the water level is not visible in the water level gauge, and the color in the glass tube is dark

1.2 if the water level alarm device must be repaired in time, a high water level alarm signal shall be sent

1.3 for boilers equipped with superheaters, the superheated steam temperature drops significantly

1.4 feedwater flow is greater than steam flow

1.5 when the steam pipe is seriously full of water, water hammer occurs in the steam pipe

2. Treatment of full water accident:

2.1 close the damper of small air brake to weaken the combustion

2.2 flush the water level gauge and check whether the indication of the water level gauge is correct. If the indication of the water level gauge is correct, stop the water supply, open the boiler blowdown valve for water drainage, and pay attention to the decline of the water level until the normal water level occurs. It is mainly formed by rolling on the two inner walls of the thermal insulation aluminum profile threading slide, such as the serrated tooth path

2.3 opening the main steam pipe, steam collector and steam impact test can not only test the impact force that the components can withstand, but also the steam trap on the steam header to prevent water impact in the upper pipe

2.4 in case of serious water filling, the boiler shall be shut down immediately


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