The chlorine of PetroChina Jiangsu Taicang problem

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PetroChina Jiangsu Taicang problematic oil has been detected to have chlorine exceeding 6400 times

there may be a new explanation for the collective breakdown of thousands of vehicles after refueling in Jiangsu Taicang more than a month ago

on May 28, a test report issued by SGS general standard international testing center, a third-party testing organization in Shanghai, to China business channel showed that two indicators of the oil products involved in the Taicang accident were significantly high, of which the chlorine content was as high as 6400ppm, more than 6000 times higher than the American Standard

although PetroChina Suzhou Branch, the acceptor of the accident, firmly denies that there is a problem with the quality of the product oil, the investigation shows that the chemical additives in the product oil are highly suspected

behind this is the fact that more and more additives continue to appear in gasoline, which leads to hidden dangers in vehicle safety. Excessive addition of chemical additives has long been nothing new. However, there are no specific provisions on chemical additives in the 18 test standards for vehicle gasoline in China

this also means that in today's worrying food safety problems, the food safety of cars has also been marked with a huge question mark. What will be the future

On May 12, at a registration point set up by PetroChina Suzhou Branch in Taicang City, thousands of car owners were queuing up for compensation registration. This was the last day of compensation registration, and the scene was particularly chaotic. Mr. Ma, a businessman who frequently uses cars, told me that since late April, his car has been experiencing various abnormal phenomena since he filled it at a gas station outside his home

"I feel like I can't run when I'm driving, and I can't work hard. Besides, the exhaust pipe keeps dripping liquid. After thinking about it carefully, I think there's a problem with the gasoline. Because I've been driving this car all the time, I've never had such a problem." Mr. Ma said

according to Mr. Ma, since he lives nearby and often goes by the road, he has been refuelling at a gas station called Fuhao until the vehicle is damaged. He can't believe that there is a problem with gasoline. "I didn't expect that there was a problem with gasoline, because this gas station is run by PetroChina."

not long ago, Mr. Ma learned that in Taicang alone, in less than a week, nearly 4000 large and small vehicles had a similar situation. In addition to the Regal gas station, there was another gas station in Taicang

the final owners believe that the problem is caused by the added gasoline

on Liuyuan Road, I saw that it not only guaranteed the safety of users, but also extended the service life of the spring testing machine. The gas station named fufu, which was mentioned by the owners, was hung with three big characters' PetroChina 'on the ceiling. However, the Regal gas station has no staff. It is understood that after the incident, PetroChina has shut down the gas station for rectification

according to the information given by PetroChina Suzhou Branch, the relevant personnel of the two problematic gas stations have been dismissed. They tried to contact the person in charge of the gas station, but no one answered. However, closing the gas station and dismissing relevant personnel does not mean that the incident is over

at the scene of compensation registration, a car owner Xiang Chu's tribology has been widely studied and valued in many different industries. He showed the invoice left after refueling at the Regal gas station on April 26. He said that he still had no way to find out who would pay his maintenance fee. " I don't know who to call or what to do. There are problems with the exhaust pipe and the engine. " The owner said

during the owner's narration, many passing car owners also stopped one after another and told that their cars were seriously damaged due to the problem of gasoline

within ten seconds after a car owner started the car, black liquid began to drip from the exhaust pipe. The same refuelling experience and the same vehicle condition and fault made people focus on the gasoline in the fuel tank. This has also been confirmed by many local auto repair companies

zhanglijun, manager of Taicang Longteng automobile repair service company, said that he had come into contact with about twenty or thirty similar cars. Basically, the engine shook, started, and then easily stalled. Some of them were due to the decay of exhaust pipes

since the problem occurred, Zhang Lijun's auto repair company has continuously received maintenance applications from car owners. By the middle of May, Zhang Lijun had taken over at least two vehicles with similar problems almost every day. As for why gasoline is abnormal, Zhang Lijun, who has been engaged in automobile repair for many years, said that he has never encountered a similar situation

"at that time, we couldn't find too many problems at first. We found that after the spark plugs were removed, some cars had been used for one or two thousand kilometers. It felt like they had been used for fifty or sixty thousand kilometers. There were a lot of carbon deposits on them. According to the preliminary judgment, it might have something to do with the quality of the oil." Zhang Lijun said

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