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Nx cam express rapidly improves productivity

with the intensification of market competition, manufacturers and machine tool workshops must make full use of the most effective, innovative and capable machine tools, such as high-speed milling machines, five axis machine tools or milling multi-function equipment, if they want to remain competitive in the global market. In order to obtain the expected return from these investments, enterprises must be able to effectively use these advanced tools and implement them as soon as possible, which is imperative. Although advanced CAM software supported by top suppliers only accounts for a small part of the cost of machine tools, it can gain considerable value-added from these new machine tools

at the same time, enterprises put forward the requirements of low total cost of ownership and high performance for CAM software system procurement. Specifically, in order to meet the budget requirements and business objectives, the cam software application required by customers must not only have the capability range and depth, plus advanced technical performance, but also have a lower total cost of ownership; Increasing the return of new machine tool investment is the key factor to reduce the real cost of ownership, and it is also the value of advanced CAM software; Competitive software price, easy deployment and use, and short learning curve are the direct factors to reduce the cost of ownership; If a system can help users how to handle a NC programming task, and then standardize some standard components in the task, it will be of great benefit in promoting those inexperienced NC programmers to improve their productivity faster

nx cam express is such a cam software system

nx cam express launched by UGS, a PLM Software and service provider, is a set of CAM software with strong functions and proven practice. It provides excellent programming range and depth, gives full play to the maximum performance of the machine tool, is easy to deploy, easy to use and has low cost

ugs has more than 25 years of experience in cam field and a wide range of NC programming customers, including the largest global engineering company to tens of thousands of small machine tool workshops. With the knowledge and ability of UGS in CAM software, NX cam Express provides the advanced capabilities required by NC programmers in the mid market to make full use of efficient advanced machine tools

Alan Christman, an authoritative expert in cam market and chairman of cimdata, commented that, "Taking advantage of its market leading position in the cam software field, UGS is developing an ambitious project to specifically meet the various needs of medium-sized manufacturers. The goal of NX cam express is to provide deep processing capability for key machining parts. For example, it is easy to realize impression and stamping in the software or milling lathe processing driven by the rapid development of national strategic emerging industries. With NX cam express, users can make Use key components such as post-processing libraries and preconfigured software with industry best practices to make it easier and faster for customers to increase productivity and reduce costs. "

each NX cam Express software package (including NX cam express milling lathe and NX cam express 3-axis milling) is equipped with a tool path verification function, a post processor generation and application program, a CAD converter and a machining parameter database. The software can automatically select key machining parameters from the database according to machining operations, such as rough or finish machining and raw materials, tool sizes and target machine tools. The database can handle most of the materials processed in impression and stamping operations. Each package also includes programming automation tools in the form of "function based machining" and "machining guide generator" of UGS to improve programming speed and make programming easier for inexperienced users, so as to improve the utilization of these mature methods and resources in the workshop

nx cam Express provides a wide range of deep NC programming capabilities, and enterprises do not need to spend money to purchase a variety of cam systems. Nx cam Express provides users with great flexibility and maximizes the value of software investment

deep NC programming

nx cam express advantages

modular industry software package: NX European and American similar standard cam Express provides corresponding application packages according to industry needs. Including: (1) 2.5 axis machining; (2) Three axis machining; (3) Milling and turning; (4) Advanced processing

independent of CAD system: NX cam express is not restricted by specific CAD system. It has key industry conversion programs for data import

integration with solid edge and NX: NX cam express can be integrated with UGS CAD applications (NX or solid edge software)

each software package contains complete core modules: each NX cam Express software package provides a comprehensive core technical foundation, including access to UGS post-processing program library, graphical post-processing program generation and application program, tool verification, CAD file conversion program, help, workshop process document output, assembly processing, access to processing parameter library with proven processing data, and more

world class customer support: NX cam express is built on the basis that UGS has provided proven and reliable software in the cam market for 25 years. It is backed by the plastic resin allowed in table a.1 of the world-class technical form 2 gb4806.6 and the use requirements

preconfigured industry best practices: the preconfigured user environment facilitates the immediate use of the system to meet typical types of programming and help them apply industry best practices

easy to deploy: (1) NX cam Express provides a post-processing library. UGS provides access to the post-processing program library, which is supported by the UGS global technology access center (gtac). Customers can search for and download post-processing files and integrate them directly into NX cam express, saving time and making it easier to achieve productivity goals. (2) Nx cam Express provides a tool support kit. Advanced machine tools require advanced and complete post event 3D simulation. UGS works with machine tool manufacturers to combine these with examples, off the shelf settings, and documentation to create and provide proven solutions

easy to use: (1) navigation program. Nx cam Express has a coordinated navigation program that manages the key elements of the system. These characteristics make the software powerful but easy to use. (2) Using templates: templates are widely used throughout the system to capture and reapply methods, geometries, settings, operations, and tool selections. They are easy to use and simplify programming tasks. (3) Wizards: Wizards lead users to a new level of automated interaction. Anyone can follow the steps. Nx cam Express provides a drag and drop wizard generator

nx cam Express software can be used alone or as part of the UGS velocity family. The velocity series is a complete PLM solution for the mid market launched by UGS, including 3D CAD software solid edge, CAE software femap, CAM software NX cam express and PDM software Teamcenter express. (end)

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