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Environmental friendly plastic products may become a global research and development hotspot

at present, environmental friendly plastic products will become hot products in all countries in the world. In order to minimize the environmental pollution caused by plastic products, industrial developed countries not only adopt burying and incineration, but also start from two aspects: first, vigorously develop recycling and reuse technologies that can more quickly respond to the needs of the market and customers; The second is to develop degradable plastics. The former is mainly used for PVC, pet, PA, PMMA and styrene plastics; The latter is applicable to disposable plastic products (such as packaging bags, garbage bags, mulching films) and composite products that are difficult to recycle, seriously polluted, uneconomical or of little value. In particular, degradable plastic products will be favored by consumers and will become a hot product in the future

in addition, the environmental protection work will always be inseparable from the support and leadership of the competent government departments. Therefore, it is necessary to appeal to the administrative departments at all levels to strengthen the leadership of the pollution control work, formulate relevant policies, issue some necessary mandatory regulations and decrees, standardize the management of this new industry, and strive for their support in policies, funds and projects for some basic research work, so as to speed up the pace of this new industry, Catch up with and surpass the international advanced level as soon as possible, Fulfilling the obligations of our government to the United Nations The solemn commitment of "Agenda 21". Therefore, every plastic worker, while actively developing China's plastic industry, must make efforts to minimize its negative impact.

at present, as an environmental protection material, degradable plastics, high-tech functional new materials and the recycling of waste plastics, which are suitable for local products, are becoming a research and development hotspot attracting worldwide attention. The Development has not only expanded the functions of plastics, but also eased environmental conflicts to a certain extent, and is a supplement to the increasingly depleted oil resources. Moreover, degradable plastics and functional new materials have also demonstrated the power and Prospect of biotechnology and alloying technology in the field of plastics in terms of synthetic technology

therefore, the research, development, promotion and application of these projects are of great significance both from the practical point of view of the earth's environmental protection or renewable resources, and from the academic point of view of the synthesis of functional polymers and biomedical polymers

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