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The environmental friendly polymer materials technology center was established in Beijing on December 18, the environmental friendly polymer materials technology center jointly built by China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Beijing University of technology and industry was established in Beijing. The center is mainly engaged in the R & D and testing of bio based materials, degradable plastics, lightweight plastics and green flame retardant products, promoting China's plastic industry to move towards green and lightweight

according to the president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, 3. Flame retardant performance tester for masks; According to liaozhengpin, China has become a large plastic production and consumption country in the world. At present, the apparent consumption of synthetic flexible resin in China has exceeded 60million tons/year, accounting for 1/5 of the global resin output; The per capita resin consumption reached 46kg, higher than the global per capita consumption level of 40kg; The annual output of plastic products of Enterprises above designated size has reached 37million tons, ranking second in the world; The total annual output value of plastic products reached 960billion yuan, ranking first in China's light industry. In addition, China produces more than 10million tons of non recyclable plastic packaging every year

liaozhengpin said that promoting the transformation of plastic products into environment-friendly, low-carbon, energy-saving and recycling during plastic injection molding is a major issue facing China's plastic industry. Improve the production efficiency, improve the internal structure, and make the plastic products develop in the direction of lightweight without changing the service performance; Using renewable resources to produce bio based plastic products and biodegradable plastic products; The use of green flame retardants and other plastic processing aids is the green direction of China's plastic industry at present

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