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The environmental monitoring industry is facing a big outbreak. The instrument industry needs to learn to "size up the situation"

with the increasingly serious environmental pollution problem, the Chinese government and relevant departments have also attached great importance to environmental monitoring. In recent years, the environmental protection industry has ushered in a blowout development under the trend of maintaining rapid growth

with the rapid development of environmental protection, environmental monitoring instruments have also benefited significantly. They play an important technical supporting role in key environmental protection fields such as pollution reduction and soil investigation, and have a good development momentum

from traditional manual sampling, laboratory analysis to automatic and intelligent detection, China's environmental monitoring technology has made great progress, and environmental monitoring instruments appear blowout. According to the survey on the production and marketing demand and investment forecast analysis report of China's environmental monitoring instrument industry released by the prospective industry research institute, in 2015, 62 enterprises sold 38484 sets of various environmental monitoring products with the characteristics of convenient operation, stable and reliable operation, high experimental precision and stable afterburner, an increase of 31.7% year-on-year

among them, the most popular is smoke and dust detection equipment, accounting for 35.3%, which reflects the basic effect of air pollution control. Water pollution control has also made significant progress, with water quality equipment sales accounting for 33.6%

environmental monitoring instruments

it can be seen from the above data that China's environmental monitoring instruments have a good growth momentum, but there are great problems in instrument and equipment management, mainly reflected in the following aspects

first of all, the regional economy is introduced in the following aspects: different development conditions lead to a large gap in the construction level of environmental monitoring capacity in various regions, and the investment in environmental monitoring instruments is quite different. In some economically underdeveloped areas, environmental monitoring instruments are relatively backward, which is not conducive to the development and progress of the entire environmental protection industry

secondly, the purchase of environmental monitoring instruments is not targeted, and the equipment utilization rate is low. In fact, it is not that the more advanced monitoring instruments are, the more effective they will be. Instead, equipment should be purchased according to the actual situation. Blind purchase will only lead to idle equipment

finally, the training of technical management personnel is insufficient. There is a certain threshold for the use of environmental monitoring instruments. Improper operation will affect the performance of instruments to a certain extent, but China is extremely lack of relevant training for technical management personnel

in view of the above management problems, the above report believes that the first is to broaden the funding channels and increase the investment in environmental monitoring, the second is to reasonably purchase instruments and improve the utilization rate, and the third is to improve the management system and improve the technical level of management personnel

to sum up, China will continue to increase its efforts in environmental protection for a long time in the future. All mechanical fields need tensile machines and environmental monitoring instruments, which are expected to benefit for a long time. During this period, trends include a substantial increase in soil quality testing, heavy metal testing to promote environmental improvement, odor is expected to expand the development space of testing Micro sensors tap new potential of proprietary mixing and dispersion technologies that are very important for "functionalizing" graphene (even if other chemical groups are combined with it), and so on

for enterprises, they should comply with the development trend of environmental protection, grasp the key points of the environmental monitoring instrument industry, provide high-quality testing products, and create well-known brands, so as to get a share

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