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The State Environmental Protection Administration has set a deadline to solve environmental problems. Papermaking has been listed as a priority. Wangjirong, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said recently that the line wear of environmental problems = the original size of the sample - the size after wear cannot be fundamentally solved. Local protectionism and administrative inaction are the root causes. This year, the State Environmental Protection Administration will work with relevant departments to carry out an inventory of six types of environmental problems that have been repeatedly complained about and seriously affected the people's health but have not been solved for a long time. They will be listed and supervised by the government, solved within a time limit and investigated and dealt with publicly

the key points of investigation and treatment include: strictly enforce the continuous pollution that affects people's health; Sewage treatment plants built with treasury bond funds that have not operated normally for a long time; Rectification of prominent environmental problems in heavily polluting industries and clean-up of thermal power, cement, papermaking, chromium salt and other industries that do not conform to industrial policies; Major river basins and regional industrial pollution sources such as Huaihe River, Taihu Lake, the Yellow River, the Three Gorges Reservoir area, along the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, and the border area between Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia exceed the standard; Prominent environmental problems caused by violation of environmental protection laws and regulations by infrastructure projects such as mineral development, transportation and energy

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