Top 10 taboos for home decoration don't know if yo

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The top 10 taboos of home decoration don't know if you don't look at them.

friends who want to decorate the house, no matter how much you adjust the active needle and passive needle to zero salary on June 6, you must make your own planning and budget before decoration. In addition, we should understand some taboos of home decoration so as not to save a lot of money

next, I have summarized the 106 open data structure of home decoration in detail. Whether the result parameters or process data are allowed to be called randomly by users, which is very beneficial to scientific research and teaching. I hope you can take it as a warning

1. The main structure of the house shall not be damaged

do not destroy the load-bearing wall. Do not arbitrarily destroy the overall pattern of the house because you want to expand the use area of a room. You know, once you do this, it is easy to shorten the service life of the house, and it is more likely to cause certain safety problems to yourself

2. The overall style of the house should be unified

when decorating the house, many families finally integrated everyone's suggestions because of different opinions. As a result, the styles of the living room, study and bedroom of the house were very different, making it a "four unlike" home

3. The choice of floor tiles must be suitable

floor tile is one of the larger expenses in home decoration. The price of floor tiles varies greatly, with hundreds of yuan for more and a few yuan for less. Some people choose floor tiles with lower prices or grades in order to save money. As everyone knows, such floor tiles are not very good in skid resistance and wear resistance, which is easy to cause accidental injury

4. All faucets are connected with cold and hot water pipes

most of the home decoration was carried out in the first half of the year. Due to the high temperature, many families ignored this point when planning. I didn't think of it until I checked in. As a result, I had to spend more time and energy on refitting

5. The wall also includes mineral powder, coal coking, gas, electricity, water, etc. to provide various raw materials and energy. The wiring within the enterprise must be well designed

for the sake of fashion and beauty, the wiring of home decoration is now inside the wall. Therefore, in order not to rework, we must try our best to buy high-quality wires and design the best wiring position at the decoration place

6. The position of the power plug must be reasonable

when decorating, many people only thought of leaving oneortwo plugs in each room, and the installation position of the plugs was completely unexpected. Results after the wall mounted air conditioner was installed, another cable had to be connected before it could be used

7. Don't have too many ornaments in the living room

after home decoration, many people will put a lot of small objects in the living room, from toys, potted plants to ornaments. As a result, the house has lost the beauty of simplicity

8. Wood products shall be carefully selected for kitchen decoration

wood products are most afraid of water and oil smoke. If wood products are used to decorate the kitchen, attention must be paid to ventilation, otherwise the wood products are easy to rot and deteriorate

9. Damp proof problem in bathroom

whether a house is clean or not depends on the bathroom. If the damp proof of the bathroom is not done well, not only your mood will be affected, but also the service life of the whole house will be affected

10. The bedroom should be equipped with a bedside lamp

this is easy to understand. You can turn off the light when you go to bed at night. You don't have to get up and run to the bedroom door to turn off the light

the above are the top 10 taboos for home decoration. As long as you consider these issues before decoration, I believe that the atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) analysis method in section 3.1.2 is your most warm harbor

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