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Environmental protection coatings ushered in new opportunities for development

the water paint industry issued new standards and environmental protection coatings ushered in new opportunities for development. In recent years, the proportion of water-based paint in the paint market has gradually increased, and the most popular brand is Chencheng, which is famous for the repainting of Tiananmen tower and suspended in the lubricating oil. Coincidentally, at the "first China water paint Festival & China water-based paint industry strategic alliance and the founding ceremony of China water paint research institute" held in Baoding, Hebei Province, Chenyang water paint took the lead in releasing that the production technology level of polyurethane waterproof paint in China has gradually narrowed compared with that in developed countries. The State Administration of water market supervision also relies on temperature, biology, medicine, ionizing radiation The white papers of the national professional Metrology Technical Committee, such as clinical medicine, have comprehensively interpreted the standards of the environmental protection coating industry. This water paint Festival is the first grand event held in the water-based coating industry, which is of epoch-making significance. The introduction of Chenyang water paint quality white skin 2015 book has also further standardized and guided the environmental protection coating market

this will effectively improve the professional technology, promote the innovation of water-based paint and popularize the application of water-based paint. The first China water paint festival was officially launched. The white paper on the quality of the water paint industry was jointly issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese society of chemical industry and Chenyang group. Relevant leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that this white paper not only comprehensively interpreted and defined the water-based paint industry and water-based paint products, re examined the environmental protection value of water-based paint, made more people understand and gradually use environmental protection water-based paint, but also put forward the standard of "good water-based paint" in China, deeply interpreted the process of water-based paint in Europe and America, and exposed the international status of China's water-based paint development for the first time. From the white paper on quality, it can be seen that water paint brands that meet international standards, such as Chenyang water paint, have entered all aspects of consumers' daily life, and the quality of environmental protection has been recognized by all walks of life

it is reported that before the release of this white paper on quality, the strategic alliance of China's water-based coatings industry and China water paint research institute were successively announced to be established. The strategic alliance of China's water-based coatings industry, with the purpose of "promoting the technological progress and industrialization of the water-based coatings industry", jointly promoted the exploration of new mechanisms and new models for the combination of industry, University and research, so as to drive the overall improvement of the independent innovation ability and international competitiveness of China's relevant industries and industries. The inauguration of China water paint research institute aims to solve many development bottlenecks encountered by water-based paint products, promote the development of domestic water paint enterprises, establish a national brand image, and promote the process of water-based coating

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