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Strict environmental protection inspection does not condone fastener enterprises. Don't try to exploit loopholes! It has many significant advantages:

the proportion of rigid polyurethane composite board accounts for 76%. Since last year, environmental law enforcement has been continuously strengthened. For many industries, including fastener enterprises, the relevant departments have carried out large-scale and intensive environmental strict investigation, rectification and punishment actions for the inaccurate test results

it is commented that "the current environmental law enforcement efforts, the degree of compliance and the impact have exceeded any period in the past." Indeed, not to mention the large steel mills and printing and dyeing mills, as far as our fastener enterprises are concerned, countless enterprises have been shut down due to environmental protection problems from last year to the present

recently, Zhai Qing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, said at the 2016 summary of the large-scale training of environmental law enforcement and the 2017 kick-off meeting of the large-scale training that the large-scale training has promoted the number of cases to rise sharply. This year (2017), the Ministry of environmental protection will continue to carry out large-scale training activities for environmental law enforcement, which will be extended from three months last year to five months. It will focus on the comprehensive discharge of industrial pollution sources up to the standard, and focus on law enforcement and inspection on the discharge up to the standard of enterprises in eight industries, such as steel, thermal power, cement, coal, papermaking, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment plants and waste incineration plants, so as to resolutely curb the serious discharge exceeding the standard, and urge key pollutant discharge units to install monitoring equipment and ensure normal operation

this undoubtedly rings an alarm for our fastener industry. It is completely impossible to avoid inspection and "hide and seek" production in the current strike hard environment. It is understood that at present, a large number of fastener enterprises around the country have been shut down due to environmental protection problems. It can be seen that the intensity of this strict environmental protection investigation cannot be tolerated

"those who apply daily punishment and whose circumstances are serious shall be severely punished according to law, and the illegal enterprises shall be hurt and hurt." Zhai Qing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, proposed to strengthen the investigation and punishment of typical cases suspected of environmental pollution crimes, such as falsification of monitoring and monitoring data, falsification of motor vehicle environmental protection inspection, illegal transfer and disposal of hazardous wastes, in combination with the judicial interpretation of the new Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's court and the measures for the connection between environmental protection administrative law enforcement and criminal justice. At the same time, we should vigorously publicize and report typical cases, but really play a deterrent role to illegal acts

it is estimated that the concept of sustainable development has been put forward for more than ten years! However, there are not many enterprises that really implement the concept of sustainable development. There is no hope for the long-term development of the enterprise just thinking about exploiting loopholes

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