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Everyone who runs a restaurant hopes that his business will be prosperous, and the quality of the restaurant's feng shui will directly affect the restaurant's business; So, what are the highlights of restaurant decoration Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

the stress of restaurant decoration Feng Shui

What are the stress of restaurant decoration Feng Shui

1. The gate of the small restaurant, the cashier

the gate of the small restaurant is the first gate to enter the wealth, from the palace position, line position to color, materials, etc. are all issues to be considered in Feng Shui. In addition, the window is also an important gas receiving position, and it is best to cooperate with the gate to absorb gas. The cashier should be located in the financial position of the restaurant. During the eighth lunar month of the next year, that is, from 2004 to 2023, the house of eight white stars flying is wealth, and the house of nine purple Mars and one white mercury flying can also be regarded as wealth

2. Small restaurant moving line

the walking route in the restaurant is not designed at will, and the dining table is not placed at will. If we can make use of the dynamic line to promote the prosperity of auspicious stars, it will naturally benefit our wealth. People come and go on the stairs, which can cause anger. Therefore, the design of lifting position should not be underestimated

3. Restaurant kitchen and pool

kitchen should be designed in the house of mountain star, eight white Saturn or nine purple Mars, not in the house of too much anger, and should not be placed in the house of purple and yellow poison. Water is of special significance in geomantic omen. No matter it is a fish pond or a fountain, it cannot be placed in the wrong position. If there is moving water, the settings such as wind turbine, wind water ball, waterfall wall, etc. should comply with the law

4. Cafeteria bathroom

the bathroom should not be placed in the position of wealth, but in the palace where the evil spirits fly. If the cashier and the bathroom are in the same palace, needless to say, at least one of them is in the wrong position

5. Table position in a small restaurant

the best way to improve the Feng Shui Effect of a restaurant is to adjust the table to a suitable position. The dining table should be placed in a place with bright light, and colleagues should try to Yuan Li's gas stove

6. Make rational use of the screen of the restaurant

in Feng Shui, the dining table should be as far away from the gas stove as possible, in order to avoid the placement of the two to damage the feng shui of xiaocanguang. Therefore, a screen can be placed between the two. In addition to separating different spaces, colleagues can also change the direction of air flow, which is often used in Feng Shui. If the small restaurant is directly facing the gate or the gate is directly facing the toilet, it can be resolved with a sad screen

7. The color of table mats in small restaurants should be bright

restaurants are places to eat. They should create a dining environment for customers. Table mats with bright colors can enhance the appetite of diners. They can also be decorated with some flowers or plants on the table, so as to increase the comfortable environment of the whole restaurant and increase the highlights that attract customers

8. Service of small restaurants

although the operation of small restaurants cannot match the service standards of large restaurants or hotels, it is also necessary to improve the service quality of the restaurant. The staff of the restaurant should also be clean and comfortable, polite to guests and considerate in service

what are the taboos of Feng Shui in restaurant decoration

first, avoid big trees in front of the hotel storefront

everyone knows that avoid big trees in front of the door, which is unlucky in Feng Shui, and opening the door to do business is auspicious, so it's best to pay attention. However, the hotel also pays attention to a good environment, so the tree in front of the hotel storefront can be arranged according to the five elements of the hotel owner, which can not only not violate Feng Shui, but also optimize Feng Shui and gather wealth

second, the hotel door should not be directly facing the indoor stairs

now many hotels are decorated with two or more floors, and the stairway entrance is often facing the store door, which is a typical phenomenon of money leakage in Feng Shui, so we must pay attention to it when decorating. At the same time, we can also set up a screen between the hotel gate and the staircase to dissolve it

third, don't sit in the fierce position at the hotel gate

the orientation of the gate determines the prosperity and decline of popularity, and the correctness of the overall management idea, that is, whether the popularity can be obtained, and whether the overall management idea of the operator is correct, the orientation of the gate is very critical. In geomantic omen, it is better to sit in the northeast and face the southwest. As an auspicious sign, it is suitable to start a business and have the joy of making a fortune

IV. hotels should avoid placing Guanyin statues

Guanyin is clean and flawless, and it is forbidden to be dirty, so it is very inappropriate to worship Guanyin statues in the decoration of restaurant stores, so try not to place Guanyin statues. But if the shopkeeper particularly likes it, he must keep in mind the three directions of Feng Shui in the process of placement: one is not to the toilet; (II) not towards the gate; Three not to the table

fifth, the hotel cashier should not be in the bad position

the hotel cashier should be in the financial position, so that this pattern can promote prosperity and achieve the purpose of rolling wealth, auspiciousness and peace. In addition, the cash register is a platform for customers and operators to communicate, which represents the relationship between the host and the guest. Therefore, the relationship between the cash register and the seating area of the main guests should be well controlled

VI. Feng Shui aquarium in hotels should not be placed in auspicious position

Feng Shui aquarium can not only gather money but also block evil spirits. It is often used as a Feng Shui mascot, but it should be noted that Feng Shui aquarium is more suitable to be placed in the evil position, which can dissolve evil spirits and turn bad luck into good luck

Feng Shui taboos in hotels, in fact, mainly focus on the harmonious coexistence of various elements such as people, architecture, environment and so on. If it is done properly, it will integrate with the surrounding environment and promote harmony. Thus “ With the wind and the water ” Hotel Feng Shui

what is the emphasis of Feng Shui in restaurants

1. Location of the gate: the orientation of the gate determines the prosperity and decline of popularity. Whether the overall business idea is correct or not, that is, whether the popularity can be obtained and whether the overall business idea of the operator is correct, the orientation of the gate is very critical

2, hotel color, style, hotel name: the color, style and name of the hotel are not only the elements of store Feng Shui, but also the cultural connotation of the hotel, which is the summary and expression of the hotel management ideas and Feng Shui pattern. Among them, style and name are the guidance and catering to customers' consumption culture. The tone contains the Sheng Ke relationship between the five elements of Feng Shui, which is a more reasonable connection between the cultural connotation and the operator's resources (numerology, Feng Shui structural pattern). Of course, the hotel name also contains the combination between the operator's fate and the five spaces of the hotel name

3. Kitchen: Kitchen Feng Shui is the core of the catering store. The quality of kitchen Feng Shui determines the level of the cupmaker, the quality of the food and the efficiency of the work. Therefore, the kitchen is the key element of Feng Shui conditioning in the restaurant. The door, bar, kitchen and office are connected as a whole, and the formation of the most effective connection is correct. In addition, the use of fish tanks is also critical

4. Cash register: the cash register is a platform for customers and operators to communicate. It represents the relationship between the host and the guest. Therefore, the relationship between the cash register and the seating area of the main guests should be well controlled

5. Office: the office is the place where managers work, and the core work of managers is judgment and decision-making. Therefore, managers' feng shui conditioning principle focuses on this aspect, taking into account the causal relationship formed by management




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