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For the decoration of doors, we can pay attention to Feng Shui, especially some taboos of doors in Feng Shui. We should know clearly. What are the taboos of Feng Shui doors in office decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

explanation of Feng Shui door in office decoration

explanation and analysis of Feng Shui in office door decoration

Feng Shui in office door

1. Placing water beside the door can urge money

make good use of the function of the door, you can urge money and recruit money for your home. The orientation of the door can be said to be the lifeblood of wealth, and the simplest way to urge money is to place water beside the door, the so-called “ Mountain owner Ding Shuizhu wealth ”, Where there is water, wealth can play its role. In addition to water, all aquatic plants and flower arrangements have the effect of promoting wealth, which can take effect as long as they are placed around the gate

2. Open the door and see the red

is also called happy at the beginning, that is, as soon as you open the door, you will see the red walls or decorations. When you enter the house, you will have a sense of jubilation, giving people a warm and exciting spiritual feeling and a happy mood

3. Open the door to green

that is, you can see green plants as soon as you open the door, which is full of interest and can also improve your eyes

4. Open door painting

if you open the door, you can see an elegant sketch or picture, which can first reflect the cultivation of the residents, and second, ease the rush after entering the door

which Feng Shui evils should be avoided in the office door

1. The door of the company is facing the door of the internal office, which is what the office feng shui says. The air flow is easy to rush in, which easily leads to personnel disputes. Of course, you can't face the door of the toilet as soon as you enter the door. This is one of the worst forms &mdash

2. Office feng shui layout elevator suction door if it is facing the elevator, the elevator goes up and down, — On — It will absorb all the company's energy and easily distract employees' energy, which will naturally affect the company's fortunes

3. If the gate of heart piercing sword is facing the corridor or passage, it will be shaped like a sharp sword, which is called Heart piercing sword. If the depth of the interior of the office is less than the length of the corridor, it will be the greatest disaster. The solution lies in installing a screen inside to reduce the effect of changing the door, which can be slowed down

4. Standing at the door of the office across the corner, you can see that half of the front outside is a wall and half is a big empty, like a straight knife cutting, which is the famous “ Corner brake ”. There is a bad feeling that the door of the office is cut in half head-on. In terms of aura, the air flow in the two halves is completely unbalanced. This format is very fierce, which is bad for health and financial luck

5. The door is facing the door of the internal office, which is a rush on the geomantic omen. The air flow is easy to rush in, which is easy to cause personnel disputes on the tongue. It must be considered in the internal compartment

6. Of course, you can't face the door of the toilet as soon as you enter the door

what should be avoided in the decoration of Feng Shui doors in office shops? high and long flagpoles should not be set up in front of the doors of shops in office buildings, nor should they be directly opposite to electric poles or traffic sign light poles, which will virtually affect people's brain nerves and heart

boulders are not allowed to block the road in front of the gate, and boulders are not allowed to build landscapes. Troubles will continue to occur, affecting the development of the cause. Because the stones will absorb the natural gas and belong to Yin gas, there are boulders in front of the gate, which will strengthen the Yin gas and make this air flow into the door, which will have a bad impact on the people in the building

don't wrap vines around the tree in front of the gate, nor face the big tree or dead tree directly, which will not only block the entry of Yang, but also make Yin and evil spirit enter the door, and the moisture will be heavy, which will be detrimental to health and wealth. It is easy to attract lightning in thunderstorms, so there must be no big trees directly in front of the gate

but trees can be planted on both sides outside the gate. If you want to plant trees, you must keep the branches and leaves luxuriant. Don't make them withered and yellow, and don't have ant nests, otherwise your anger will be bad, which will be detrimental to your career and election campaign

if the gate has a variety of environments that you can't change, such as electric poles, alleys, trees, opposite corners, etc., you must find Feng Shui experts to change them. You should match the scenery and Feng Shui conditions of the opposite door, and properly hang gossip mirrors, or concave convex mirrors, etc., to stop some of the evil spirit

in general, if you want to dispel the anger of the other party, you should hang convex mirrors; if you want to absorb the anger of the other party, you should hang concave mirrors. Don't make your own decisions. Be sure to invite Feng Shui experts to Canyu

if you rush into dead alleys, deep valleys, near mountains, rivers, fork roads, and the strength of putting two mirrors is still insufficient, it is best to change places, and the Feng Shui layout is also difficult to resolve

the landscape opposite the gate

the gate of office buildings and shops should not face the nearby chimney, because the chimney is a waste gas, and it will be uncomfortable to see the waste gas when entering and leaving the gate every day. If the wind direction blows the waste gas over and sucks it into the body, it is even worse, of course, it will affect your health

the gate cannot face temples, churches and other religious buildings, because the other side is pure gas, which will affect the business of its own store, and the bustle of the store will also affect the temples and churches, which will not benefit both

if your front door is facing the front door of the opposite building, but smaller than the other side, it is not a good situation, and you will be eaten. At this time, as long as you put a canvas awning in front of your front door and stretch it towards the sidewalk, you can make a difference

the gate must not face the corner of other houses nearby, which was called 'Corner evil' in ancient times. It looks like a straight knife drawn, which is very vicious, bad for health and bad luck. If you look at it from a modern perspective, standing at the gate, you can see that half is the wall and half is the sky. Psychologically, you have a bad feeling of being cut in half. In terms of aura, the air flow between the two halves is completely unbalanced, which is really not a good pattern

if the store encounters the door facing the opposite corner, the best way to change is to move the door slightly towards the Dragon side to avoid the corner brake; If the gate of a modern building can't move like this, you might as well change the angle of the gate slightly to make it deviate by 10 degrees and 8 degrees to avoid the corner brake

don't make space directly facing the narrow alley between the two buildings outside the gate. In ancient times, it was called 'tianzhansha', like a knife drawn from the sky. In ancient times, it was said that the home games were not successful. From a modern perspective, the space between the opposite high-rise buildings is a tuyere that is prone to produce large airflow, commonly known as' draught ', which will affect its own gas field stability and, of course, its health

if you own a house with a low floor, opposite a tall building, or with the gate facing a high mountain, you will be as high as a mountain, and you will be out of breath, which is bad for health and wealth, and it is difficult for your career to develop

other taboos of the gate

there must be no smelly ditches in front of the gate of the office building shops, and there must be no pits with sewage on the ground at the gate. The ancient saying 'push the God of wealth out'. From a modern point of view, the gate is like a person's face, with sewage, etc., giving people the feeling that it is dirty. Of course, the image is poor, and business is difficult to come

some buildings have two door lights on both sides of the gate, which is helpful to Feng Shui, but we must ask Feng Shui experts to be on the ground and find out the best location and height setting. In normal maintenance, of course, it is not necessary to turn on the light during the day. It should be noted that the light bulb cannot be extinguished and damaged at night. If it does not turn on, it should be repaired as soon as possible. It is not auspicious in Feng Shui to leave only one light

shops will hang signs. Some people think that it is better to have a larger sign, which is easier for pedestrians to see. In fact, the view in Feng Shui is that the sign should not be too large, which is incompatible with the image of the store, cannot be balanced, and business is difficult to last

at present, urban garbage is collected at night, and the government chooses some fixed points to place garbage for citizens. If unfortunately, the gate happens to face the garbage collection point, it is quite detrimental to financial luck

in order to keep cool, some small buildings often plant a large number of climbing vines on the door walls and windowsills, or let the walls be covered with climbing vines, which is not good in Feng Shui, and will lead to continuous right and wrong, leading to lawsuits

the door of modern buildings, the fashionable large glass door, some transparent glass, some dark glass. If the industry is a circulation business, it is better to use transparent glass, such as a car showroom, which allows people to see all the cars inside on the sidewalk, with advertising effect

if it is an ordinary office, transparent glass cannot be used. It is best to stick reflective paper for car glass, or change to dark glass, or install blinds. In short, don't let people see the indoor situation from the outside. (guidaye Fengshui www.guidaye.com)

explanation of the appropriate taboo of Fengshui for office decoration doors and windows

hiding wind and accepting gas is the most exquisite in Fengshui, whether in the layout of home or in the office. The door belongs to the first largest air outlet, and the window is the second largest air outlet. Therefore, the orientation of the door should generally be in the auspicious position, but it should also be taboo to face the door. Or, if there is a door-to-door relationship in the office, it will easily cause disputes between right and wrong

in addition to not being opposite to the door, it is also taboo to be opposite to the elevator. Door to elevator or elevator door is called “ Open brake &rdquo& ldquo; Open brake ” It is a very unlucky evil spirit, which will lead to people's poor spirit and no intention to work, but also lead to poor financial fortunes of office staff, and the interpersonal relationship in the office will also be affected, making it difficult for people to be harmonious

from the perspective of Feng Shui, windows also belong to the area with heavy evil spirit. Windows are taboo relative to the door, otherwise it will be easy to form “ The brake outside the window ” In addition to destroying people's fortune, it will also affect people's health. Of course, if it can't be improved, it is recommended to put a “ Seven Star Taiji town ” Professionally dissolve the brake outside the window and stabilize the magnetic field of the office

of course, in addition to paying attention to being washed, it is also not suitable to be aligned by the tall buildings opposite. It is also forbidden to be damaged by the reflection on the opposite side. It is forbidden to be hedged by the reflection brake. It is suggested that more beneficial plants, such as evergreen or fortune tree, can be placed on the windows to avoid the influence of the light brake as much as possible




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