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Every spring is the peak season for decoration at home. Because of different years, the feng shui of decoration also has different stress. So, what kind of Feng Shui is particular about decoration in the year of the rooster? Come and have a look

1. Avoid committing Taisui

no matter what year the decoration is, one thing remains the same, that is, committing Taisui. In 2017, if you want to avoid being too old, you should remember the following points: avoid chickens, rabbits, rats and dogs. These attributes are easy to be affected by Taisui, especially in terms of financial luck. Therefore, when decorating in the year of the rooster, do not place items related to chickens, rabbits, rats and dogs at home

2. Avoid vegetation

there is an old saying: fire under the mountain in the year of Ding you. In the year of Ding you, when the fire was the main thing in the sky, the fire would be relatively prosperous. If there were more materials with wood properties in the home, the fire would be prosperous. If the fire was too strong, the fortunes of the family would be affected

3. Window

the role of window is not only ventilation and light transmission, but also a very important existence in Feng Shui. Windows are the channels for people to observe indoors and outdoors. Just like people's eyes, if windows are often damaged innocently and often repaired, it is probably not the problem of windows, but the problem of orientation. At this time, it is suggested to close the window and change the orientation, otherwise, the fortunes of the family will be affected

4. Prosperous fortune

no matter what year, fortune is the main key point of home decoration. To prosper wealth, of course, we should find the Taibai wealth star in our family. The wealth direction of the year of Ding you chicken in 2017 is in the East. What should be noted here is that Taibai Caixing belongs to the earth, and the five elements generate fire. If you want to prosper in wealth, it is a very good choice to use items of red and yellow in wealth to promote prosperity

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Feng Shui, as an ancient traditional culture in China, has been surviving to this day. Among many branches of Feng Shui, home feng shui has always been closely related to our lives as an important link. A good home feng shui is very important for the fate of the whole family

but in other words, the Feng Shui system is too complicated, and many scholars, even if they are extremely poor, can't study it thoroughly, not to mention ordinary people. But if you don't consider too many details, as long as you pay attention to the more important places, it is enough for the feng shui of the whole family. Today, Pu'an will summarize some important Feng Shui precautions in every room of our life, hoping to help you. If a friend encounters the following problems and doesn't know how to solve them, you can pay attention to Pu'an at the end of the article. Pu'an will help the destined friends give reasonable suggestions for different situations. After all, the impact of home feng shui on everyone will accumulate over time, The sooner you adjust, the better

living room

1. The sofa should be close to the solid wall, and mirrors and fish tanks cannot be placed behind it, otherwise it will cause ups and downs

2. Don't put the sofa and coffee table under the beam, "the beam pressing the top" will cause the decline of fortune

3. Pay attention to the "Hall evil", that is, the entrance door is facing the balcony, which will lead to the straightness of wealth, which is not conducive to wealth accumulation

4. The floor should be firm and flat, otherwise it will affect business


1. Try not to place the head of the bed towards the West

2. Pay attention to the influence of "beam capping" on the bed

3. The bathroom door of the bedroom should not face the bed directly

4. The mirror in the bedroom should not face the bed directly

5. Don't put flowers in the bedroom, which is easy to affect the relationship between husband and wife; It is best to place broad-leaved plants such as rubber trees, which can play a role in reducing the number of small three


1. The table should not be facing the door directly. Eating itself is gathering money. Don't be too exposed

2. The decoration of the restaurant should not be too complex, which will affect the appetite

3. The color of the restaurant should preferably be native yellow, which is conducive to health

4. Hanging a gourmet picture on the wall of the restaurant is conducive to appetite


1. The position of the stove should not be directly facing the kitchen door, nor should it be placed under the window

2. Don't get too close to the stove and faucet, "water and fire overcome each other" will affect health

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