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A cold in the real estate industry in recent years, followed by a large area of infection in the real estate industry as a dirty door and window profession. In addition, some local real estate markets are sluggish, the sales of brand doors and windows are declining, goods are overstocked, and dealers are losing... In order to recover funds, small brands began to play a price war. However, with the progress of consumption level, "low price" is no longer the only norm to attract consumers to purchase products. If door and window enterprises want to develop for a long time, they not only need to establish their own brand image, but also need to cultivate interest and adjust the operation mode

"rigid and flexible connection" handling method

looking at the current door and window shopping malls, many companies are reengineering processes. A company's power is low. First, check whether the company's process is reasonable, concise and efficient, and whether the process is formatted and whether the flow is reasonable and stable. The process system of the company is not a simple business chain, but a messy and closed cycle system. Together, sort out whether the circulation system of the company's process is unblocked, closed, and whether there is any local cracking and obstruction

nowadays, the trend of social humanized management is becoming more and more obvious. It seems inappropriate to blindly focus on rigid management, and it is particularly important to build a "rigid and flexible" management method, but this is especially important for unlocking the management hoop of small and medium-sized door and window enterprises. Rigid management requires small and medium-sized door and window enterprises to strive to create a relatively fair environment through rigid and consistent systems and norms, improve the restriction mechanism for employees, and strongly change those deep-rooted methods and habits. Flexible management is also an effective way for small and medium-sized door and window enterprises to improve the management level, which is essential. It is only from time to time that it reflects the best, first rigid, then human, that it is more in line with the practice of small and medium-sized door and window enterprises

operating funds through various financing channels

door and window enterprises always make a living and develop in a certain natural environment, and interact with the environment. Door and window enterprises should carry out their own development, consciously maintain the surrounding natural environment, carefully listen to the reasonable opinions of people from all walks of life, absorb their energy and capital contributions, and on the one hand, create an excellent production environment for themselves, On the other hand, strive to create an outstanding living space for more people. Only in this way can the company have a happy family with everyone around it and carry out it more healthily

nowadays, the speed of capital operation has accelerated, and capital has become a major part of the company's development process. When the door and window enterprises have a difficult capital turnover, the first thing they think of is bank loans. However, the bank can only promise to borrow when it requests the company to reach a certain level of commitment, and will conduct a follow-up investigation on the company to ensure the rational use of loans. In order to establish their own promises, some door and window enterprises not only let bank representatives go to the company for practical investigation, but also let bank representatives participate in the operation and management of the company, carefully listen to their ideas, absorb the energy and capital in their hearts, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company

at a time when the competition environment is particularly messy, the development of door and window enterprises cannot just stay on the outside, but also rely on innovative planning, scientific promotion and management, and excellent services to improve the competitiveness of the company's shopping malls




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