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Infinite flower water-based paint was established in 1998, and it has been 18 years so far. We have never considered paint production, but as the industry's most familiar with the hazards, we cannot do things harmful to human health without conscience

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I first met manager Zhou, the marketing director of infinite flower water-based paint brand. She was thin and gentle, and it was difficult to associate her image with strong women. However, during the interview, I found that she had clear ideas and had a sufficient and profound understanding of water paint. In her words, "it has been nearly 20 years in the field of water paint, and it is difficult to be proficient!"

specializing in water paint for 18 years, from only a few products to a comprehensive strategy

it is understood that infinite flower water-based paint was founded in 1998, and it has been 18 years since now. From the beginning of the business, it has been the only direction to research and develop water paint, and it has never considered paint production. "Although everyone used paint at that time, we, as the industry, know the most about its hazards, and we can't do things harmful to human health without conscience." Manager Zhou said so. Recalling the difficulties at the beginning of entrepreneurship, manager Zhou said with great emotion, "when we decided to make water-based paint, our family and friends didn't understand it. At that time, we didn't know what water-based paint was. Even when we went out for sales and promotion, we were not popular. However, with the development of society, the harm of paint became more and more prominent, and health and environmental protection received much attention. At that time, I knew that the era of water-based paint had come!" Over the past 18 years, adhering to the original intention of water paint manufacturing and respect for scientific research and innovation, infinite flower water-based paint has continuously overcome technical barriers. From the initial few products to now, it has a comprehensive product system covering hundreds of series in all walks of life

When talking about the difference between infinite flower water paint and other water paints on the market, manager Zhou said, "it's technology." after all, we have specialized in water paint for 18 years, experienced many technical problems and solved many problems. Unlike other water-based paints on the market, we must be at the top of the pyramid in terms of technical professionalism. " Manager Zhou said confidently and showed the technical process effect on site

in terms of wood paint, infinite flower wood paint has achieved the best sealing effect on wood tannic acid through product formula optimization and technological innovation. It should be said that it is the product with the best sealing effect of domestic sealing primer at present. For the industry problem of wood stiffened on the surface of water paint, the use of infinite flower water paint only needs to brush a thin first coat of water-based primer, which can completely press the wood rebar, and has no pungent smell, which has incomparable environmental protection, and is completely different from the fake water-based sealing paint on the market; In addition, the easy foaming and poor adhesion of the veneer when painting water paint is also an industry problem criticized by everyone. Infinite flower water paint has been completely solved, and both solid wood and veneer can be used safely; Infinite flower water-based new putty can achieve the effect of replacing three with one. It only needs one coat of putty, two coats of primer and one coat of finish paint to completely achieve the effect of high fullness, which solves the problem of multiple times and high cost of sealing effect of water paint to the greatest extent

in terms of industrial paint, infinity steel structure paint has achieved an integrated bottom coating system, and has excellent blister resistance that other brands do not have. Its anti rust and anti-corrosion performance is twice that of other brands, and the price is low. It has fully realized the coating concept of "low cost, high quality". Since its listing in 2002, years of market research has verified its excellent anti-corrosion and anti rust performance; The development and successful application of infinite flower water-based blackboard paint have filled the gap in the domestic market, and compared with similar products, it is of high quality, low price and obvious advantages; Infinite flower water-based high temperature resistant paint can withstand high temperatures of more than 800 degrees and salt spray resistance of more than 240 hours. It is currently applying for a national patent; Infinite flower water-based antibacterial paint can be used in sterile environments such as operating rooms and ICUs. This product is used in the operating room of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, and its effect and function have been widely recognized and praised. The mature application of infinity water paint in civil, industrial and other industries verifies the development path of an enterprise and a brand from the laboratory to the market for more than ten years and the achievements made by focusing on the research and development of water paint industry

at the end of the interview, manager Zhou made an interpretation of the brand positioning of infinity paint: "infinity paint does not rely on flickering and exaggerated advertising effects, but on solid quality and public praise, starting from consumer needs, to create a healthy coating environment and refined living space for customers. On the road of water paint, we have not given up before and will not give up later." As a low-key power group, infinite flower water paint speaks with facts and will never be satisfied and endless on the way forward




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