Pmac2000 advanced power monitor

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Pmac2000 advanced power monitor

integrates three-phase power monitoring, control, protection, harmonic analysis and fault recording. The powerful and easy-to-use power monitor

* measures all three-phase power of a circuit. The accuracy:

voltage and current level 0.2, active and reactive power level 0.5

* four-way switching value input, SOE resolution 3MS, It can be expanded to 12 channels of high-end film blowing quality, which has won the favor of advanced commodity packaging.

* three relay inputs, and the products of some foreign manufacturers can be set to the out of limit delay output mode.

*tou subsection billing function.

*63rd harmonic analysis function.

* timing out of limit parameter system

* fault recording function

* built-in rs232/rs485 communication port

pmac3000 advanced non electric quantity monitor

8-channel pressure, temperature, etc.non electric quantity collection, 4-way switching value input, 3-way relay output, RS485 communication

pmac2020 communication processor

ideal protocol conversion and data processing device, which can be connected to El series protection with stronger s coloring power

American Neles automation honorary product -

pole cat m-b2000 FTU power distribution telecontrol terminal, with unique fault location, fault isolation and power supply recovery functions


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