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The centenary wire tower is now rusty. Citizens hope that relevant departments will put up signs to protect it. Changjiang news (chenqixiong) "near the former site of Hankou Jinghan railway station, there is a wire tower built more than 100 years ago. Due to the lack of maintenance and repair, it is now rusty and may fall down by the wind at any time." Recently, Mr. Tu, a citizen, went to the site many times to check the power tower, which can be directly contacted with our technicians. He was worried that if we do not take measures to protect the tower, it will probably disappear

on September 13, the Yangtze river went to the site and saw that the electric wire tower was nearly 6 meters high. It was a tower riveted with several angle irons, and its bottom was fixed in a cement pier about 0.6 meters high. The tower is covered with yellow rust, and many angle irons at its bottom have been rusted and broken. As soon as the wind blows, the tower creaks and seems to fall apart soon

Mr. chenhanwen, a citizen living in a nearby community, said that the tower was nearly 10 meters high. Later, a section about 4 meters long on the top of it was rusted and fell to the ground more than ten years ago

Mr. wanghanwu, an expert in Wuhan local chronicles and culture and history, said that after textual research, this electric wire tower was built in the early 20th century and has certain cultural relics value. It is one of the oldest and oldest electric wire towers in Wuhan

Mr. gubijie, former curator of Hanyang ZhangZhidong and Hanyang Iron Works Museum, said that foreigners were the first to use electricity in Wuhan. According to research, around 1890, the British in Hankou Concession used their own generators to generate electricity and supply power to the concession residents

next, the Hanyang Arsenal, Hanyang Iron Works, telegraph office and other government-run enterprises prepared by ZhangZhidong, a famous Minister of the late Qing Dynasty, also generally used electricity

1906, songweichen, a businessman from Zhejiang who was paralyzed by limbs, initiated the establishment of "Jiji hydropower company" and built a dawangmiao thermal power plant near Hanzheng Street in 1908 to supply power to residents living in Hankou. Since that year, some residents of Hankou have used electric lights. At that time, the power supply lines drawn from the power plant of Jiji hydropower company were erected on the iron tower along Zhongshan Avenue. The original iron towers were of good quality and were not abandoned until the beginning of this century. Among them, only a handful of iron towers have been preserved so far, "we should protect them well"

according to Mr. Wang, the relevant person in charge of Wuhan power supply company, in 2016, after the comprehensive reconstruction of Zhongshan Avenue, the electric poles and power equipment in the section from liuduqiao to Yiyuan would not be recovered once they were tired, resulting in 10 points of serious consequences. The electric towers were removed, and the power lines and equipment were moved underground. At that time, after consulting experts on cultural relics, the power supply company decided to keep a few hundred year old power towers in place for citizens to visit. Among them, the electric wire tower located at the intersection of Station Road, Zhongshan Avenue and the electric wire tower located near the former site of Jinghan railway station belong to the same kind of electric wire tower built in the same age, and are recognized as cultural relics. The former has a good appearance and was listed for protection two years ago. The sign reads "century old electric pole, city memory". Their company sent personnel to carry out anti-corrosion and anti rust treatment for the tower, cleaned up the miscellaneous and waste lines hanging on it, and reinforced the cement pier at the bottom of the tower. The latter is a defective product because of its poor appearance. In addition, it cannot find the parts to repair it, so it does not enjoy the protection treatment of listing

Mr. Wang said that next, the power department and the cultural relics department will come up with a specific plan to protect the electric wire tower near the former site of Jinghan railway station


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