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Central Asia Co., Ltd. leads China's packaging machinery technology to the world

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core tips 3M company actually does not touch the production of RMB 3 materials: as the chairman of Hangzhou Central Asia Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as central Asia Co., Ltd.), Shi Zhongwei is full of honors, a national key high-tech enterprise, a leading packaging enterprise in China The top ten enterprises in China's liquid food machinery industry and the top 500 enterprises in China's light industry... Wearing these laurels that make peers envy, Shi Zhongwei is very low-key. He knew that building a century old famous enterprise could not be achieved overnight, and it was a long way to go to become one of the world's strong enterprises

[China Packaging News] as the chairman of Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongya shares"), Shi Zhongwei is full of honors. He is a national key high-tech enterprise, China's leading packaging enterprise, China's top ten enterprises in the liquid food machinery industry, and China's top 500 light industry growth enterprises... Wearing these titles that make peers envy, Shi Zhongwei is very low-key. He knew that building a century old famous enterprise could not be achieved overnight, and it was a long way to go to become one of the world's strong enterprises

Central Asia started in 1999. At that time, the enterprises were living in a space of only 60 square meters. "It was really difficult at that time. The first equipment took half a year to assemble, but there was a leak when it was close to delivery. The anxiety and helplessness at that time are still unforgettable today. I realized that it is not enough for private enterprises to start a business simply by working hard. They must be supported by professional technology."

Shi Zhongwei warned the management of Central Asia that our main competitor is the international leading packaging machinery manufacturing enterprise. If these enterprises carry out or accelerate the implementation of localization strategy in China, through the establishment of joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises to reduce product costs and prices, and enhance marketing and services, the industry market competition will intensify. At the same time, if the Central Asia company can not continuously improve the technology and R & D level, effectively control the product cost, and maintain the progressiveness of production management, product quality and marketing services, it will be difficult for us to win in the market competition

"therefore, from the initial stage, Central Asia has regarded technological innovation as the soul of the enterprise, guided by the R & D mode of 'producing one generation, developing one generation and reserving one generation', and taking technology as the core driving force, and taking strengthening R & D investment and developing technologically advanced products as the way for the survival and development of the enterprise." Shi Zhongwei said that Central Asia has established the R & D center, which currently has more than 120 technicians of various types, covering many disciplines such as mechanical structure, automation control, bioengineering and chemistry. On the basis of meeting customer needs, it adheres to the innovation and change of packaging technology, and guides China's packaging machinery technology to the world with innovative ideas, designs, functions and excellent peers. The self-made Central Asia now has 458 patent applications, participated in the formulation of 15 national standards and 5 industrial standards, and the enterprise R & D center has been recognized as "China dairy packaging machinery research and development center" and "China food packaging machinery research and development center"


the idea of innovation and change and the excellent technical team make Central Asia even stronger. Central Asia spent a lot of money to introduce high-end processing equipment and invested in the research and development of high-end dairy packaging machinery. A few years later, the dairy packaging machinery reached the first place in the domestic market share. Central Asia has successfully developed the first domestic 12000 cup combined cup forming, filling and cutting equipment per hour, and controlled the price within 1million yuan, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign enterprises. The 40000 bottles/hour aseptic packaging equipment developed by Central Asia is the first in the world in China. With the cost performance advantage of 70% cheaper, it has "squeezed" two foreign technology enterprises out of the Chinese market. Now more than 1000 sets have been sold, saving nearly 3billion yuan for domestic dairy enterprises. In 2015, the net profit was 130million yuan. Central Asia has also innovated and developed the first domestic cup forming, filling and cutting equipment, the first full-automatic aseptic flexible packaging equipment, and the first straight-line aseptic plastic bottle filling and capping machine... In the past 24 years, with independent innovation, it has gone through the development process of western enterprises for 70 or 80 years, and has the whole line R & D and manufacturing capacity of high-end bottle blowing, filling and back-end intelligent packaging machinery, It has filled many gaps in the domestic food packaging machinery manufacturing industry, which started late

in recent years, the supply of waste plastic particles has been in short supply. Affected by the global economic cold current, the growth of the downstream dairy industry has slowed down, and the sales pressure of dairy packaging machinery and equipment has increased sharply. Moreover, with the rapid development of dairy, beverage and other liquid food industries, the performance requirements of liquid food packaging machinery are increasing. The technology of liquid food packaging machinery industry presents a trend of integration, high-speed, aseptic, intelligent, flexible, energy-saving and high-precision. "We have no way out but to face the difficulties," said Shi Zhongwei at the company's management "Although central Asia is a high-tech enterprise, which has a deep technical accumulation in the fields of mechatronics, high cleanliness and high-precision filling, sterile environment control, dry sterilization, etc., has a number of key technologies and patents, and has established a professional technical personnel team, if the company fails to continue to maintain the industry leadership in technology, accurately grasp the market trend and produce equipment that meets the needs of downstream customers, it will weaken the existing The technical advantages of the company have an adverse impact on the company's market competitiveness. What enterprises can do is to further increase R & D investment, continue innovation, maintain technological advantages, and launch new products in time to achieve 'breakthrough'. "Shi Zhongwei told the technical team that Central Asia must innovate and develop products satisfying customers according to market demand.

during 2013-2015, Central Asia's R & D investment continued to increase, which greatly accelerated Central Asia's R & D Progress in liquid food intelligent packaging. Its comprehensive technology reached the international advanced level and successfully replaced imports in a variety of equipment fields. The company's various packaging machinery products have reached 2016 in terms of technology, quality and performance The number of communication base stations in China is nearly 6million or close to the level of similar foreign products. The products are cost-effective and meet the needs of the domestic market. In the first half of this year, Central Asia achieved an operating income of 311493600 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.91%; The net profit was 77.0803 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.65%

in May this year, Central Asia was initially listed on the gem. In the speech of the listing roadshow, Shi Zhongwei was still low-key but full of ambition: the Central Asia company will adhere to the development path of independent innovation, continuously improve its R & D capacity, focus on developing sterile, high-speed, energy-saving, efficient and integrated intelligent high-end products, consolidate the company's advantages in the domestic dairy packaging machinery industry, expand to the medical and health, edible oil, beverage, daily chemical and other industries, and strive to develop the company into a domestic leader World famous intelligent packaging equipment manufacturer. Shi Zhongwei said that only with technological innovation as the soul can we provide inexhaustible momentum for transformation and upgrading


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