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PMI rebounded in three consecutive months. The controversial 2012 of electronic manufacturing enterprises' procurement of components and parts is coming to an end. After three months of year-on-year growth, the manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) finally crossed the boom and bust line again, reaching 50.6 in November. China's economy seems to be warming up

"judging from the perceptual response of electronic manufacturing enterprises, the situation is not bad!" At the same time, mojunsong, the operation and Maintenance Director of China electronic trading center, revealed that the "2013 terminal factory electronic components procurement docking conference" they are preparing has seen more active application of buyers than last year

"electronic components and parts are the food of industry, and their demand can directly reflect the prosperity and decline of the electronic manufacturing industry. If the procurement of components and parts decreases, it indicates that the consumer side is weak and the economy is depressed. From the search volume of component models and the transaction volume promoted by the platform in the fourth quarter of this year, it has increased slightly compared with last year, but the growth rate is not large!" Mo Junsong pointed out

it is generally believed by component purchasing enterprises that it is difficult to predict the market trend in 2013. However, finding a safer and more cost-effective supply channel for components and parts is a must in any macroeconomic environment, which is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results

it is understood that the China electronic trading center has successfully held 16 sessions of component supply and demand matchmaking meetings, which have led more than 1000 enterprises to build a bridge between supply and demand


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