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Central America seems to be the next contact center. According to the CTI Forum on February 4, despite the noise, India and the Philippines have indeed occupied most of the call center outsourcing market. It is surprising that a new entrant is making people feel its existence and is likely to become another force in the near future

according to a recent report from Everest group, Central America and the Caribbean provide services for English language call centers. Now we need to take a close look at this emerging region and pay attention to the conclusion of its viability as a new call center outsourcing region

the industry journal nearshore America plunged into this field, conducted in-depth research, and interviewed Anurag, the author of the report. Anurag Srivastava and adia. Aditya Verma analyzed their findings and strengths and weaknesses in this field

this region has a very significant operating cost advantage, which is only about% of the cost of second tier cities in the United States, such as Dallas, near shore America. However, the cost advantage will decline slightly in the next five years, because the wage level in most regions here will rise by% due to the impact of currency depreciation against inflation. Report forecast

Verma (Verma is expected to save a lot of money) told the nearshore America that the most amazing discovery is that we are surprised by the size of the market in this region, and new contact centers continue to appear. This is much larger than we expected

this leads to the logical question that the modified polypropylene material has been widely used in the next decoration: as compared with other Latin American regions, the countries in this region are small in size and have limited population, how long will the market become saturated and the talent reserve be exhausted? Fortunately, this is not really all the concern

we have analyzed the continuity of costs and the advantages of location, Verma said. As for talents, there are some concerns, because most countries in this region can measure their output voltage, and their talent reserves are limited. Therefore, the scalability of the market and how to maintain long-term talent supply will be issues to be considered. However, I think there is still some time before these areas reach the saturation point

this report does not explain how Central America can serve the Canadian and Brazilian markets well

Canada and Brazil Represents the real market, said the nearshore America. Serving the French speaking population in Canada is much more feasible than serving the French, because Canada has a common time zone geographically with Central America, Srivastava said. I think it is more important to provide French support in the Canadian market, so this may be the driving force for some enterprises to cooperate closely in the future

with more and more labor, lower cost and geographical proximity, the only surprise is why this market has not appeared until now. All this seems to be about to change

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