Cement production from waste incineration ash in J

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In August, 2003, a Japanese cement company loosened the nut and used municipal waste incineration ash as raw material to produce cement. The company invested more than 2billion yen in the kumaga plant to establish equipment for annual treatment of 55000 tons of renewable resources

the production method is to first remove the chlorine from the waste incineration ash with water, and then put it into the cement sintering furnace hardness tester to test the hardness of the product. The main purpose is to ensure the quality of the produced product and to be recycled as a substitute for clay raw material. If the cement furnace is heated at a high temperature of more than 1400 ℃, it is not easy to produce organic chlorination, and the net profit is close to the "half cut" - dioxin, so as to achieve harmless. It is reported that all incineration ashes can be used as cement raw materials, with the advantage that no new garbage will be generated


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