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The PM5 pulping line equipment provided by kaiden company for Anhui Linping Paper Co., Ltd. was successfully started up

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on December 18, 2019, the pm5/p provided by kaiden company for Anhui Xiaoxian Linping Paper Co., Ltd. let us understand the working environment requirements and operating procedures of the offline material change experimental machine M6 pulping line equipment. After nearly two years of construction, the PM5 pulping line equipment was successfully started up for trial production

on December 18, the PM5 production line was successfully started up and put into operation in the expansion project of Anhui Xiaoxian Linping Paper Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 500000 pairs of high-grade carton paper. The production line of this project takes waste paper as raw material, introduces foreign advanced equipment and technology, and establishes two 5600 type high-speed box board production lines, supporting heating and green manufacturing clean production systems, and the main products are high-grade box boards. Pm5/pm6 OCC pulping line (including thermal dispersion system) and paper machine supporting flow system are provided by Kaideng company, with a total design annual capacity of 500000 tons. The paper machine installed on the left and right sides of the same paper workshop has a net paper width of 5600mm and a design speed of 900m/min. The coating should be fully and carefully prepared before the preliminary work. The startup of Kaideng PM5 OCC slurry line was very smooth and the system operated stably

Anhui Xiaoxian Linping Paper Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is located in Beicheng village, Shengquan Township, Xiaoxian County, Anhui Province. The company has four high-strength corrugated and box board production lines (1 3800mm paper machine, 1 4000mm paper machine, 1 4600mm paper machine and 1 4800mm paper machine), with a total capacity of 450000 tons. After the two production lines of the new project are put into operation, the company's corrugated and carton paper production capacity will reach 1million tons, and will become another large-scale packaging paper production enterprise in Anhui Province after MAANSHAN Shanying

looking forward to the future, Kaideng will continue to work for the company? Customers provide innovative technologies, solutions and high-quality services to help customers improve efficiency, enhance sustainable development capacity, and lead the development of pulp and paper market


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