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The central and local governments have intensively planned the high-quality development plan for the manufacturing industry. As an important support for steady growth, the support for the high-quality development time and resources of the manufacturing industry is increasing. The economic information daily learned that this year it will formulate and implement a deployment plan to vigorously promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. At present, many departments are intensively introducing policies, and the local implementation rules are also in preparation. Major technological transformation and cultivation of high-end manufacturing industry may usher in large investment of up to trillion yuan, and the rise of 40 national manufacturing innovation centers is also expected to accelerate

the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting a few days ago, which proposed for the first time that promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry should be an important support for steady growth, guiding traditional industries to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and making emerging industries stronger and bigger. Multiple departments intensively implement support policies around the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation recently made it clear that the preferential policy of accelerated depreciation of fixed assets will be extended to all manufacturing industries, so as to promote enterprises to speed up equipment upgrading and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries. The Ministry of industry and information technology accelerated the top-level design for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and implemented major projects for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

in addition, we learned that the local version of the high-quality development plan for the manufacturing industry is also in full swing. Guangdong Province is planning to establish a system and mechanism for high-quality development of manufacturing industry. It plans to explore the establishment of a comprehensive evaluation system for high-quality development of manufacturing industry in the province, and plan to formulate a plan and special action plan for cultivating advanced manufacturing industry clusters around the fields of electronic information, green petrochemical, automobile, intelligent household appliances, robots, etc. Hubei Province will formulate an annual action plan focusing on ten key industries such as integrated circuit, new generation information technology and intelligent manufacturing

data show that the added value of high-tech manufacturing industry in the first quarter of this year increased by 7.8% year-on-year. Investment in technological transformation of manufacturing industry increased by 16.9%, 12.3 percentage points faster than all industrial investment. It is worth noting that, as the two main directions for high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, many places are targeting major technological transformation and cultivating high-end manufacturing industry, and are also planning trillion yuan of large-scale investment

linzhiyuan, deputy director of the macroeconomic research center of Xiamen University, told the economic reference daily that the fatigue testing machines required for experiments are generally zigzag fatigue testing machines and tension compression testing machines. Taking the investment in technological transformation of the manufacturing industry as the starting point will drive the investment of the whole society, which is conducive to steady growth. At the same time, it will integrate information technology into all links of R & D, design, production and circulation, promote the integration of informatization and industrialization, and promote transformation. Increasing investment in high-end manufacturing will help drive the development of high-end manufacturing and strategic emerging industries with high technology content and high added value through industrial upgrading, and drive the extension of traditional manufacturing industries such as textiles, steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals and automobiles from processing and manufacturing to the high end of the value chain

in terms of cultivating high-end manufacturing industry, many places also plan to set up special funds to cultivate high-end manufacturing equipment industry clusters. For example, Fujian Province will implement a 100 billion yuan cluster cultivation plan, focusing on intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation projects in the field of mechanical equipment; Jinan allocates 500million yuan each year to support the development of advanced manufacturing industry and digital economy, focusing on cultivating industrial clusters such as high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing, high-end CNC machine tools and robots

it is worth mentioning that a number of national manufacturing innovation centers will also accelerate their rise. It is reported that by 2025, China will form about 40 national manufacturing innovation centers. By the first quarter of this year, the number of national manufacturing innovation centers had reached 10. This year, a number of national manufacturing innovation centers will be built in key areas. In the next step, we will increase support for innovation centers, reform the financial support methods for innovation centers, strengthen the assessment of established innovation centers, and implement dynamic management; Focus on key strategic areas and promote the upgrading of provincial centers

Chongqing recently released the detailed rules for the implementation of the construction project of the manufacturing innovation center, striving to create a national manufacturing innovation center, and will provide 20million yuan of R & D subsidies for three consecutive years; Hubei Province will also build a number of national innovation platforms, including advanced storage national industrial innovation center, intelligent automobile industry innovation center, etc

the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry needs to strengthen the construction of innovation capacity, including improving the national manufacturing innovation system and accelerating the establishment of a manufacturing innovation network with the innovation center as the core carrier and the public service platform and engineering data center as the important support; Strengthen the research and development of key core technologies, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation, support enterprises to improve their innovation capacity, and promote the construction of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises and enterprise technology centers. Lu tie, a researcher at the Institute of industrial economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the economic information daily

Heying, director of the Institute of science, technology and standards of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, told the economic information daily that in the future, the manufacturing innovation center should adhere to the market orientation, focus on the key common technologies of the industry, carry out technical research and transfer and diffusion of achievements, and radiate and drive the improvement of the innovation ability of the whole industry

however, He Ying also pointed out that in the process of promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, all localities need to combine their own development foundation and positioning, cultivate innovative leading enterprises, lay out and build manufacturing innovation centers, and give full play to the functions of innovation service platforms, so as to continuously stimulate the innovation vitality and motivation of enterprises and improve the regional innovation ecosystem, Provide system power support for high-quality development

in Lin Zhiyuan's view, to achieve high-quality development of manufacturing industry, it is also necessary to coordinate the relationship between the market and the government. The role of the government should be mainly positioned in the fields of building institutional infrastructure and correcting market failures. Technological innovation and industrial upgrading should be mainly completed by the market. (Guoqian, ban JUANJUAN)


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