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Bank of China Intelligent Customer Service: zero contact, zero waiting, one touch

please press 1 for account query, 2 for bank card loss report, and 0 for hard listening A series of voice announcements and the long-awaited music when transferring to manual services are the deep memories of many bank customers

recently, the 95566 full voice portal jointly created by the personal digital Finance Department of Bank of China and iFLYTEK was officially launched to provide BOC customers with zero contact and zero waiting smart financial services. After dialing 95566, users can obtain corresponding information and services as long as they directly say their business needs, so as to achieve efficient communication with natural language as the interactive interface

value: intelligent service, cost reduction and efficiency increase

when a user dials a traditional bank customer service, the cross arm travel value recorded by the voice pickup is the rate per minute (mm/min), which often requires 4 or 5 keystrokes and an average wait of about 1 minute to complete the operation. This not only wastes time and poor user experience, but also limits the carrying capacity of customer service and consumes resources to a certain extent

the upgraded 95566 full voice portal innovatively adopts the intelligent voice interaction mode without buttons and pure dialogue to provide users with a more efficient, convenient and natural service experience

at present, the 95566 full voice portal of Bank of China covers 190 types of key business nodes, and the comprehensive customer service business coverage reaches 98%. In terms of actual business effect, the accuracy rate of voice navigation has reached more than 91%. Most common service needs of customers can be solved through intelligent voice self-service

at the same time, the full implementation of the intelligent full voice portal will also help bank of China's customer service digitalization and value transformation. At present, the self-service completion rate of the system is more than 60%, which frees up a lot of human resources so that people can invest in more complex work and provide users with better services

note: the above data are calculated according to the actual nationwide operation data of Bank of China in March

Innovation: core technology + midrange brain

Bank of China 95566 full voice portal has fully applied iFLYTEK's core technologies such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding and full duplex interaction

the full voice portal has a comprehensive natural language understanding ability. By analyzing users' nature, it is expected to further improve their evaluation ability in terms of physical properties and chemical structures. The key semantics in the dialogue can automatically determine their needs, so as to provide the most appropriate services. During the interaction,) users can interrupt at any time without waiting for the prompt to end, making the communication between users and the system faster and more natural. With the help of these leading technologies, voice navigation has achieved a higher level of self-service and brought higher customer satisfaction

the midrange core brain of Bank of China 95566 full voice portal has applied iFLYTEK's new endorsement product iFLYTEK Yanzhi

iFLYTEK Yanzhi deeply integrates the operation management of the background with the service marketing of the front desk, and comprehensively covers the business process configuration and test verification, real-time online demand, online second level optimization of semantic effects, corpus clustering, knowledge point mining and other functions. While effectively meeting the needs of users, it can also help business personnel realize independent operation, and effectively improve the efficiency of semantic resource iteration

according to different time points, different scenarios, personalized marketing needs and other directional factors, business personnel can complete simple operations such as independent configuration, test verification, implementation and semantic effect optimization, so as to realize the integration and intelligent launch of hot business

cooperation: after three years of deep cultivation and accumulation,

95566 service, as one of the most important online service channels of Bank of China, has continuously improved its intelligent level and system support ability, effectively supporting the service needs of the huge customer base of Bank of China

as early as 2017, iFLYTEK reached a project cooperation with Bank of China. Based on the original automatic voice service system (IVR), iFLYTEK applied iFLYTEK's intelligent voice technology to upgrade self-service voice navigation for customer service, and built an intelligent, humanized and efficient self-service voice service system

with the support and guarantee of iFLYTEK intelligent voice technology, in July 2019, the Bank of China took the lead in opening its intelligent voice navigation throughout Anhui Province, and completed the promotion of more than 30 branches nationwide before November. After continuous monitoring of online effects, after full preparation, the portal reversal was realized on march8,2020, and a full voice portal covering the whole country was realized

the successful launch of the full voice portal is the common result of the long-term cooperation between Bank of China and iFLYTEK, which integrates the hard work and wisdom of the R & D, delivery and operation personnel of both sides. Looking back on this journey, fanhao, North China Regional Director of iFLYTEK Intelligent Services Division, who has served Bank of China for a long time, said

in the future, iFLYTEK will continue to deepen cooperation with Bank of China, continuously optimize interaction effects, improve user perception, and build the Bank of China intelligent voice navigation project into an industry benchmark for user praise and customer satisfaction

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