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Bank of China financial IC card bus application project officially launched

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the picture shows that citizens apply for financial IC cards at the on-site card office wendemin

on the morning of August 22, the peach registration phase of Bank of China has begun. The launching ceremony of the financial IC card bus application project of Jiangjiang sub branch was grandly held in Taohuajiang commercial pedestrian street. The financial IC card was officially put into operation in Taojiang public transport industry. In the future, citizens can swipe their cards to take the bus, and they can also go to the bank to handle various financial businesses.

member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and Chang The deputy county head attended the launching ceremony and announced the launch of the project. He said that the application of financial IC card in Taojiang public transport industry is not only a people-friendly project for the county government to do practical things for the people, but also a basic project to realize that intelligence has brought great pressure to the production of the battery industry. He hoped that the Bank of China would continue to strengthen communication with relevant government departments, start the development of more application functions of IC cards in our county as soon as possible, better serve the citizens, and truly realize "one card in hand and travel all over Taojiang"

a special on-site card handling point was set up at the launching ceremony, and an endless stream of citizens came to handle cards. Card handling citizens can use the card after filling in relevant personal data, recharging and activating the IC card. It is reported that as long as citizens hold their ID cards to the Bank of China for training, the operators and maintenance personnel can reach the level of independent operation; Click to apply for a financial IC card. After the card is opened, you can open the Bank of China to the bank or bank for free, and recharge at the counter, ATM or bank

source: County Information Center

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