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Bank of Ningbo and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement on March 31, Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bank of Ningbo) and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen with Henan provincial government department (hereinafter referred to as Huawei), which provides an important opportunity for the continued growth of advanced polymer composites. Zhuanglingjun, vice president of Bank of Ningbo head office, Shendong, general manager of Financial Technology Department of Bank of Ningbo head office, ZhangQun, President of Shenzhen Branch of Bank of Ningbo, etc; Cuiwei, general manager of Huawei's China government enterprise financial business department, cuixiaoran, general manager of Huawei's Zhejiang Ningbo Government Enterprise Business Department, explained the significance of the location of the meeting in Baoding, and zhaochangliang, deputy general manager of Huawei's China government enterprise financial business department, attended the signing ceremony

Zhuang Lingjun, President of Bank of Ningbo, said that since its establishment in 1997, Bank of Ningbo has pursued outstanding development, focused on scientific and technological innovation, and worked hard to create its own leading edge in key areas. Bank of Ningbo and Huawei share the same cultural foundation and have always had a good foundation for cooperation in the field of scientific research. Today, the joint construction of closer strategic cooperation will open up new prospects in key areas such as science and technology construction, linkage innovation, industrial services and personnel training

Cuiwei, general manager of Huawei's China government enterprise financial business department, said that the financial industry is the value industry of Huawei's long-term strategic investment. Huawei and Bank of Ningbo have had good business cooperation for many years. This strategy, together with Huawei, will invest more high-quality service resources in key business transformation, data center ICT construction, financial cloud and other fields. The two sides will complement each other's advantages and share resources, and work together to face the opportunities and challenges brought about by financial digitalization

in addition, based on the understanding of Bank of Ningbo's digital transformation and Huawei's experience in the financial field, we jointly carried out research and Practice on the application of ICT technology in the banking industry and future technology trends. The two sides will also strengthen cooperation and training in the field of talents and promote the improvement of digital skills of future oriented technical personnel. Through the establishment of long-term strategic partnership, we will carry out in-depth cooperation in financial technology, financial services, corporate governance and personnel training

I believe that through the joint efforts of both sides, we will be able to explore more development models and achieve fruitful cooperation results on the road of joint innovation in finance and science and technology in the future

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